Sunday Oct 26 [1862] Pleasant Vally
I send yow tow rellel stamps I am well
Deare Wife As we ar not warching I.
Will rite you another Letter H. stodard
Ben Pratt Bill Dyer are thalking in the
Nex tent having a socable time Otis is
Laing down at the front door Tom
Cook is Looking at your mininture
ferd. Barns is in Bill Dyers we are
in bery Comtable quaters Considering
the rains I have just ben dwon
And fried Porak and Eat it with
Hard tack with a dish of Coffee
S Where Shall i find a Clean Shirt
In the under draw I think I shall
go to Meeting to the Hall this After
Noon the streets are Giting bery muddy
If it rains much more we Carnt march
for Several days it is berey Clayey your
Feet stick the same as when you Go
A Claming Like the flats have you
Had eny sweet Potatoes this year I have
Not had eney ore seen but two or three
[page 2]
Tom Cook says I Look Like a Rat
With my musstash I was on guard Larst
Night did not feell verey Cold I had
On my Gereat Coat which Comes dwon
Almost to my feet. I Sopoes ferd would
Like to see his Boy now It will be only
About 33 months before I Shall be to
home so heck Cool I Soppoes Lester
Aand Alty and winey will be Geart Boys
When I Git home how is Mrs Henery
And fhisher And Hary I Should
Like some of Mrs. Cleverly. And Mrs fishers
Butter have yow had Eny red Cabbages
I would Like a Corn Puffer If yow
have a Good Chance to Send one And
Some Corne. how do yow Like keeping
Housh what do you have to eat do you
have Coffee Shot Cakes we have not
had Eney flour yet there is a man
And Woman Comes heare Every moring
Darkes the Pies Look very nice there
Not so Good as they Look but I
Could Eed them if I Could Git them
[page 3]
Tell about being Poisened it is
All humbug I have not heard of
Eney body. there is a Geart many Camp
heare thoug this Vallay which is about
three two miles Long half mile wide
I think Lester mist be a smart Boy
To help Gramdma how does your
Coal buarn burn Shall you have
A Eough for the winter if you Salt
your Poark you Could Git Martin
or is a Good hand Git five hens to salt
the Legs in that Pork tub would be
big enought for the Good Porark Pork
kill him when you are mind to
I think Bartlett would tke wagon
Let you have a Carpet And a Peice
Of Cloth did you Git Letters of
5th 8th 12. 16. 22th of oct Numbers your
Lertters you Got the first of Novembers how is
Anmarah aint She Goint to have
Eny more Babys thell manson he better
fly around if he wants keep up
With Josh does he work so Late night
ho is Hoarie a big Boy i spoes
[page 4]
Otis is Got quarrt Pretty Smart
Was out on Gard Larst night I doint
No when we shall Git our Pay heare
Changs is very Scarce heare to a chang Bill
Changsed you have to spend 50 cts some
timee Bill dyer. Ben. Pratt had some Postges
scrips Cme the other night. Some of the
Co. are muking out Pay rolls I think we Shall
Git it Pretty quick I saw the Picture
of Bartletts store yesterday it Looked
verey Natule Bill Torrey and mr Holrook
Wras on the spepts, you ask abut buring the
Dead I did Not But I Saw David Cushing
After he was Dead the day After Bill Carney
Burred him you Ask if his body Could
Not Be Brought home it cost $100 hundred
doallars to Git his Body to Boston he was
Bured Near Antietam Brigge
Sunday Eveing I have read aloud
The eleventh Chapter of Mathew from
the testament which was Presented in
Boston when we Came through
L E S T E R . M . P R A T T
I hope yow will writ as Long a
Letter as I have yours are not half
Long enough seven Oclock I Should
think I rains Now hard this moring
I received yur Letter of 22st Larst night
this makes 2 letter to day James Pratt

October 26, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Rachel Flynn
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2014

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