November 1st [1862] Near Wheatland

Dear Wife I sit dwon to rite you a few Lines to Let you no
That we have moved three times sence sunday we started
From Pleasant Vallay monday about elevev oclock there was
Nothing of much inportince thill we Came to Noxvill this is
quiet a villiage the Boltamore and ohio Raillroad runs through this Place
And Cannal After we Came through knoxville we Came
under the Cannal through a Arch up to our ancls in watar
My feet Got a litle wet but they got dry before night we Came
A long with the Canal and raill road till we Came to Bertine Berton
We then Crossed the Potomac on a Pontoon Brigge where a
Brigge had ben distroyed by the Rebles we then Came in to
Vignia marched tl till After Darck about two miles from the
River and halted it was Cold that night we did not have
We Put up our tents and was qurt Comtabe we staid there tusday
Wensday about noon word Came Git ready to march in twenty
Minte we started at half Past two oclock Marched till Dark did
Not have time Put up tents I was Detailed on Guard fivth
Releaf which Came at four clock at half Past 3 clock word
Come to Git ready to march at day Break we marched
About sun rise Aftr Cooking some fresh Meat
We Expected to march all day but After marching about three
Miles over a Pleasant road a few houshes we halted and
Piched tents I did not have to Go on Guard that nigt the
BuGle Sonded at four clock the Guard was taken of
it was so Cold I Could not Sleep we had Got very
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Short of Provisions so when the hard tack Come
up yesterddy three Horses was Given all we had
to eat was a Short ration of fresh Meat Boiling
When the hard tack Come we eate that with Coffee saved the
Meat for moring I do not no where we Shall Go next
But thre a host and mity host of Troops Parst and Parsting
EnouG to lik all Cregtions and more to. I did not received
That miniature tll Larst might bring some delay abut
the Boxes and marching did not Git them so soon
We are now under marching orders I received your
Letter 26st Larst night the tow Larst week I did
Not Git. Beney Got his Box Larst night and number
of the Boys. the Pay roll is being Made out up
to this month we we Expt the Pay Master some time
Within tow days it may be Longer I shall send it home
The first Chance I have Ben Box Come Good the Cherey ws
Broke I shall Git your Box If we stay heare in a day
or tow If we do not but if we march i shall not
Git it so soon I Got them Freemans Tus night
but no Letters I was disaponted as you say it
That the Boys Git n no more Letters then I did I wort tow
Lettrs Letters sunday (doint you Git dicoradge what
Think of me out heare Laying on the Cold Ground
We head rather be in the state Prision and have
Good Shelter a reglar fare and see our fainmly fimly
Once in while I think this a Curil whicked
War I may be rong but I Shall fite for the flag
[d]o not Let eny one se thes few Lines it is disloal I mit Punished if it
was none heare)
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I was surprised to se Winey so fat I wish
I Could Git hold of him i was sorrey you
did not send the shirt they sent in heare yesterday
Do not hear what eny one says but me my old ones
Whill do if yow Carnt afford to Git N New ones
but knit ones would be better i think I tould
you I had Picked up Good wolen Blanket the day after
the Battel at South Mountain and a Poor ruber
Blanket I sent for a ruber one but Can Git
A Long with out it I writ with a Pencil for
I have Got no Pen but Shall Git one there is
No Sutler heare now I Got money I owed most
half of that yesterday I Could Bought Good Buttur
for 30 ct but And Good Buiscet the Butter
is all Gone I Buiscet Bought some Buicket to day
6 six for 13 ct Monday 3th I did not have time finish your
Letter yesterday moring for we had to march at 9 clock we marched
8 hours 15 miles marched till sun set we Got march again
you Can send that shirt if it is eny time this month

I am have not ben. very well am better to day
Good by
James Pratt

November 1, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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"Near Wheatland"


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Rachel Flynn
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2014

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