No 3 Jefserinton Cull Pepper Cuonty Nove 11th [1862]

As we are not marching I will write
you A few Lines to Let no that we was Lucky in
Leaving Anesvill sunday night for the Rebbels made
An Come upon them monday moring And had a
Battle the Rebs thought that there was but one
Rigiment of us but there was two we was on Pickets
A mile ahead and should ben taken first we
Left and two BriGades Come in the night And the Rebs
Got more then they Bargen for. 75 Rebs was Left
Dead on the feild but a few of our men we
had Cool weather for few days we had a snow
Storm Larst Friday the Ground was Coverd
White Friday we Started Just before Dark to
March Went one ofe the worst roads Gulleys and
roacks And Puddls we went as much as five
Miles in the Dark Stoping only once on the way
About 8 oclock wh we halted wated half a hour
And it was about face we marched Back over the
Same road about 3 miles halted in the woods we had
Good fires And very Good Rest we Come Back for
Rebs had Destoyed the Bridge Started Saturday about
8 oclock went to Ansvill) 13th We Started from Amsvill
Sunday night at dark Arived at Jefsonton about ten
Oclock wemsday about two oclock in the moring
Report was that the Rebes was Coming apon us
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We Started to march about 3 oclock Arived
Whit Sulpher Springs A Bully Place about [G?]one 5 miles
there is Large Boarding houshing heare the Largest h[o]use
Ben Distroed by Shells we are on Pickets Neare on a
Bridge on the South fork Raphamick river we
Picket because forage anhill Pigs and such things
you Nead not worry a bout me thanksgiving
We shall have a good time some where
Lester is a good Boy to rite so good a Letter
To his ParPa and A[l]ty to I have Just receved
your Letter No 2 Nov 2d we do not Git much
Chanchce to writ on on a march yow must not
think Strange if you did not heare for
tow three weeks but my Love has not Grone
Could nor never will your verses was verey
Good I will reverse them and say I am awlways
thinking of you and the Children when I
Am a wake when a sleep I am with you
The Boys went after some Beared Bread this
Moring I Bought 4 Bicusets Larges Anmrichs
for 20 cts things are verey high heare sugar 15 cts
a Pound salt 50 dollars a sack I had some of
the Bread and sone Porak steak this moring it was
Verey Good there is no Potatoes heare do not feare
of my Giting in to Bad habets for there is no
Chance for that there no Drunkeness nor Gamblen
Heare I Got a Shot Cake mad[e] of one the s[lav?]es
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At Annsvill sunday night for 5 cts not
much Like yourn we dow not see but verey
few inihabitents heare not many slaves I expect we
shall keeping marching for Pressent I do no wh
When we Shall Git winter quarters you better
Send a Box tl till yow hear Git quarters I Lik your
Dress veray well yow Can send money safe by
Letter eney time if we sotp a day or to we Git Letter
J I Shall write as often as i Can your Letters
Are very intersting it is bad sending Letters when
on a march I hop thoes next ones will not be
soldirs I hope they will Git along before I
Git home but I have no fears for that
this war is a C[r]uel an unjust war but must
Make the Best of it my Beard is very Long should
yow Like have me to kiss you now I must Carey
this Letter and Git my dinner yow Can dow
As you mindto about that Beer I hope you
will have a good Thanksgiving I am very well
to day I Shall never Leave my family again

Good By Boys Good Dear Wife

James Pratt

November 11, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2014

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