No 4 City Fredrickburg Va Nov 22d [1862]

Dear Wife I write to Let yow no that am in
the Land of the living we have had no Chanc to
Write for we have ben marching for thes Larst 20 day
It is berey mudy heare It was the hardest rain
We had yet It was bery wet It more Pleasant to day
We are on the other side of the River from the City
the rebe hold the City they dare not Shell us if
they do we Shall Shell the City we have marched
of most every day Some times we have be Called up
4 Oclock Some times at 2 oclock some times march
3 Oclock in moring Some times day bearck and sundy
To Larst sunday we about sunrise on a dubel
quick we Past two one divisions one Brigade we went
thi dubel quick for about three miles with all aur
Lugage about 60 Pounds it was done to Git up with
our Brigade. we was Left Behind the day before
To Protct the Bagage Train Saturday when we
Came from Sulpher Springs Aftere we Left the Village
The Bagage Train being behind the Rebs beGhan
To Shell them the 35 was orderd to Go Back to Proctet
Them we marched Back to the hill where the Shells
Was fling thick as musterd no one hurt rigtmint
one in the Com E Sligt wound in Lege we then stand
to Called surport the Battery we was Placed under the
Bank for about one hour the Rebs Cesed firring
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one of the Battary men was killed and one man
Had his arme Blowed of[f] by the b rebs Battary
I have Got some Cold and my Legs are siff
I have wore out another Pair of shoes sence
we Came from Pleasant Vallay I receive your
Letters berey derrect I Got th[r]ee Larst night No 4. 5. 6
I received No 3 at Sulper springs I Got All to No 6
I had not Got that Box yet but I think I Shall
If we stay heare a day or tow I do no when we Shall
Git winter quaters the roads very bad to march on
Write as often as Can and fill out the Sheat. we
have not Got Paid of[f] yet they say the pay master
Is heare I do not no wher wether we Shall Git Payd
Of[f] or not you Say how yow Cook your Meat
we have a tin Plate slice it up take a stick split
the end stick on to the edge hold it over the
fire with our eys all full of smoke same
Time make our Coffee. this on Long march we nt not
much but salt Poark and hard beard some fresh
Meat you Can Send them Mittens by Mail whi
Which will Cost about 15 cts do them up Snug and
Bartlett will Mail them Send Soon as Possbel
Sunday to day we have not moved yet it quit
Cool heare to day there Meeting heare to day the
Procklmation was read I do not no where Shall be
on that day I hope I Shall never absent aghin
We are all sick of this war and want to Come home
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our Col. and Aughent was taken Prisioners
At Sulpher Springs we was on Pickets at the
Brigge I saw them Go over they invited to dinnir
they was Dressed in ther best they thought
they they should Git a good dinnir (and somthing else Girls)
Nabes and brutruth they berey foolish for the
Pickets was being drove in (outside Pickets

Lester and Alty you Must help your Mother
All yow Can and yow will be smart
Boys PaPa doint have Eney Buttur or Pie to
Eat no Potatoes no flour Cakes or sause
or Apples
Good by Lester and Alty

you must not Expect a letter verey often
we may be marching and it will be bad
wether I Shall often as i Can my Cold is
not eney worse there is no temtions heare
I have seen no soldirs dru[n]k but i think
the offirs officers have ben i have seen 100 of
thoushand of soldirs Give my respects mother and
Father Good by All

Your true husband
James Pratt

November 22, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Rachel Flynn
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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2014

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