No 5 Neare Fredrickburg Va Nov 27st [1862]

Deare Wife Thanksgiving day in Va how would
Ever thought if it but heare I be and Cant help
it I hope you are well and all the Children
And are having a good time I Got up this moring
Had some Coffee and hard tack for brekfast
For three Last weeks we Lioved Salt Poark Caring
it in haversack which is about as big as your
Carpit Bag fresh Meat only two or three times
We had to Eat it raw or Git a chance to Cooket
if we Could we had some hard marches for 20 days
some times Laying down with Piching our tent
it being tow Dark to find Polls or to tierd
We have marched from 6 to 8 hours a day somtimes
We would march from tow or three miles w
With out halt what i mean by halt is all
Will stop by the road side and Lay
down and rest for ten or 15 mintues think of
them Laying along for a mile or two each side of
the road they will dwon the first Chance
they Git snow or went rain or shine. thery are
Playing Ball heare to day William Roberson
Has be hear to day he Looks Better then I seen
him f[or] Long time therey they are Encampt
A bout two miles from us Dame is Close by
him Bill says he is all right and well
[page 2]
Friday moring we spent the day yesterday verey well
Our Pies or Puddings or Turkeys did not hurt us a bit I have
Not ben berey well for few days I have Got a Could and some
Cough I have ben to the Docters but I should kept away
but Did not feel abel to Do Duty to Go on Guard and
And drill we Cant Git Ecused except we Go to the docters
his Pills did not do much good I have taken some more
to day. yesterday moring I eat one hard bread drink some
Coffee at noon I Cook I eat a Peace of Steack big as my
Tow fingers at super Coffee one half of a hard beard
They are Cooking beans to day I think they will tast
Good we Got a good Comtabel tent they way we fix
Our tents we Put dwon tow staks Put a Poll on the
top then we thake our tent Peaces Button them at
the top Pin at the Bottom Put another Peace on to the
Back end we Git B Pine Boughs at the front end
A Ruber Blancet for a door Pine Boughs on the Bottom
of the tent which makes it verey warm I hope we
Shall stay hear for few days Longer we do not no when
We are to move or where we are going we Came heare
Week a go wensday I think ar hav move a mile sence
And Got a better Ground Last night we Sat
By they fire talking of home and how we should
Go home. I want you to tell how you spent your
Thankesving where and what you had to eat
No one nos what it is to be away from there familys except
Thoes ho have tried it I hope it will not be Long
[page 4]
The rebs are not far from som of our Co. was on
Picket at the river they was so near that they talk with
them they would Blaguard our Pickets and ours thearn
They wanted Coffee and sugar very much they had not
had eney for 7 mounths they would give tobaca for it
There is a Larg army of them within three miles of us
G[ear?]t many fo our men have not Got Clothing Geart many
of the men have Got nothing Blous and Blancet without
Shoes fit to wear almost barfooted I am very Luckey I
Got over Coat Dress Coat Blouse all except shoes which
Are very Poor and under shirts. you Can send them in the
the Mittins will not Cost much by Leveing one end
out so they Can see what it is so it not be letter
Postage if the under shirts Cost tow much Leve
them till you send the Box I have not Got that Box
yet but expect to if we stay heare a few days
We have not Got our Pay yet and I se no cit for
it I Look at my 4 Boys when i Can but I do not
feel Lik it every day and your self
A L T Y . L E S T E R . W I N E Y.
I have eat some Beans for dinir they tasted Good
And I feel much better
Good by all James Pratt
Lester you must Look smart in your Pants

November 27, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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January, 2014
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