N 6 Near Fredrick City Dec 8th [1862]
Deare Wife I writ to Let yow no that I an Live
And kicking I have had a rathar tought Cold
but I think I Am better we have moved to
Surport a Battary we moved Thursday two miles or thee
Our fool Col. Wilard Got Lost in Going that
He doint no enought to Go in to the housh
When it rains he we had to stand in the Cold
Till Augt. Stickney went Back to find out
Which way to Go we stood there A bout
one hour and half we was most froze we
Went on and fond the Battary And stuck up
Tents stood on Guard that night next moring
It rained we fix over our thnts in the rain
About 2 Oclock it bagan to snow snowd till ten
Clear of Cold sunday it was berey Cold About
15 degs obove zero I should think to day more warm
We Got all readey for our Pay Last Monday week our
Pay Master was Called to washington and that
the Larst of it I doint expect to Git it for
A mounth now I am Clouthed bery Comtabal
While thers are suffering berey much my shoes
Are not fit weare why the Goverment doint furnesh
them I do not no we expect we Shall have to Go
in to winter quarters here that Box I have not
[page 2]
Got yet when i Shall I doint no they say
they have Gone After them but i doint no. I
Should think we mit Git them being Neare the river
And raillroad rapphanack river I received your
No 8 surtad saturday night I was berrey sorray
to heare About Alty Legs I hop they will not
Go Out of Place I hope mothar will be better. she is
to oald to do so much work tl tell Anmruh to
Come and stuff much as she minto on that hog
For I Shall Come there and stay a mounth or so
We have to Eat salt Poark Beef Steak stewed Beans
Baked Beanes Rice but not eney squash Pie Nor mince
Pie I think Washington Pie would Go berey well
tell Anmraiah to send me somthing or I will spank
her I bought some flour to day of[f] one the Co.
About at pint ten cts wourth made some Cakes
Which went berey well to day we had Potatoes
five for a man it is so Cold and Smokey heare
I Cant write no more to night Tusday to day is
A More Plesant we have had orders stockade our tents that
is to Put Logs around the Bottom to keep them warm
As we Can I am sorrey you did not sent them things by
Maill for I think I should Git them suner quicker
then By Box but they say they have Gone After
them to day I think I Shall for severel weeks
And I think we Could not move It was Camphor
instead Aulum I want It Put on my Clouths
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you Can Send the Box sun as your mind to
I think things Git replaced by that time
Send me some Sand Pappe[r] 2 or 3 sheats fine
to Cleane my Gun. I want a Case knife and
fork beg one of sombody I have Lost all mine
have the knife Ground so I will Cut meat
the ordley Lamson went and Got some Chees
I Paid him 20 cts for a half a Pound that
was the Larst of my money. I have Just
Received your Letter No 9 And berey thankful
For that 50 cts but I hate to take it from you
I was Sursprised to hear the hog weighed
so much I some folks will not Git much
of it. Could you not spare me shulders for your
Mouthers sugar Come in handy as Eny thing
heare do not work to hard rember them
Children want a mothers Care if you should
Git sick what would do without you
Clouth yourself warm I should Like
Cough Candy. my Cough is better I think
which has ben rather bad be Carfull of
I Cant writ bery often till we
Git our tents fixed you must write often
for I Git your Leters in a few days tell Mr Hen
I thank for Salting the hog I seen Dame he is
Bright as a Button
[page 4]
tell Lester And Alty to be
Good Boys we hear the Rebs Band
Plaing sometimes
Good by all
Jim Pratt

December 8, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Rachel Flynn
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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2014

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