[1] Camp Union Mills va
March 31st 1863
Dear Father. I again
sit down to write yow a few lines [2]
to let you now that I am well and
recieved a letter from you a few
minutes ago. containing severel tracks
and ever so much love in it. it was
dated March 22ond we marched up
here on the 24th and found it rether
a hilly sort of a cuntry I wrote
home the 27th I hadent recieved a letter
from you fore a long time and
have writen at least one a week
there hass been some trubel in geting
our mail reguler for the last two
weeks. but we got a mail to day that
will pay for the rest the mail careryer
has been to washington and ficksed it
so that we shall get it more reguler
I have writen you two letters and
[page 2]
wm one about two weeks ago [3]
I have had verry good helth sinc I
left home. and as good fair as a
soldier could ask it was verry muddy
from fairfax out here but we went
right along. we are now at union
mills on a verry larg hill bull run
strem runs right past and the
larg bridge and mor then half a mile
from ous. the bull run battle field is
three miles it is dangerous to go
there on a pass the right Section is
on a hill half a mile from ous. on
picket. our tents wer all stocked
with planks when we come here a
Battery left here a few days before
we come. there was a quite a stur last
night the pickets fired at one an
other we expected to be turned out
but thay dident desturb ous.
We stand gard with sabers. the
infentry is all round ous on picket
so that if there is any thing goin on
[page 3]
thay fire thay fire and give the
alarm and then thay begin to
turn out it isent much to stand
gard in a Battery. to what it is
in infantry. there isent so much
chanc to go out around on a pass
here as there was at Camp fair fax
our pickets stop evry one.
there is some talk of geting paid
off soon fore months pay. the
michegan Cavelery is stacioned
not far from here. thay go out
every night towards bull run and
stay half of the night and come
buck again. the cavelery fair rather
hard some times for two weeks not
a tent to lay in. and dont have a
chanc to take off there sadles
there is a house not far from here
supposed to be secess thay cent up
a sygnel light. night before last
and it was answered about a mile from
[page 4]
it we watshed it for some time with
the intencion of fireing on it if
thay sent up any more we have had
orders from hed quarters to fire
if thay dont carry prety strait
it would be fine fun for the boys
if we should hapen to let a stray
shel whistle over that way
I should like to send my
minature home. but there isent
much chance to get any passes
if thay send us back to washing
ton. as thay talk of doing I will
endeverd but I must come
to a close for this time write
soon write often for I like to
here from home sissy must write
soon if she will. Give my love to
all at home and abroad so good by
in hast J. P. Campbell

  1. Patriotic image in upper left hand corner
  2. Several words on this page have the correct spelling added above the word, perhaps by perhaps by Campbell
  3. On this page misspelled words are partially underlined
March 31, 1863


Battery H, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery
private; first sergeant
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Name Variant: 
“Dear father”
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Madison McFarland
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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