[1] Camp nere Fort
Richardson Sept 10th
Dear Father
I recieved your kind
letter to day was glad
to here from you and
to know that you all are well
we haved moved our Camp
grown sinc I last wrote to
you we got orders on the 31st
of Augest to move about fore
miles towards Washington
We are about six miles from
Washington now this will
probably be our winter
quarters we have drawn
sibley tents and we are
to have them stockades
We draw all our racions
from alexandria one mile
[page 2]
we get verry good racions
or at least as good as a
soldier at to desile
we dont here much from the
rebs but there has been some
hard fighting down at shan-- [2]
tilly and the rapahanock sinc
we left there has got to
be some more of it don but
thay will have to come to
it soon there is one old
secesh down here he dont
take much comfort the
boys plague him [anffedy?]
I went to his house the
other day to get a canteen
full of watter I ast the old
man far to let me fill
it and he shut the dore
gave one grunt and went
away I dident get any
[page 3]
watter but fore of us
went in the evening and
tore part of his barn down
he has got a good corn
field that the boys visit
once in a while it will soon
be one year since I inlisted at
the end of the year thay settle
cloathing acount there will
probablay be ten dollars
comeing to me which I will
send home thay wont be
likely to pay it till the next
pay day after this thay will
pay us to months pay in a
few days last pay day I bought
a pair of shoes for three.
dollars but will never buy
another pair of verginia shoes
thay were not worth fifty cents
I should like to have yow
[page 4]
send a box by en by if it is conveni [3]
ant Should like for
this winter a pair of good
strong boots and a pair
of shirts one thing more a
pair of lether mittens
by directing a box to
alexandria I can get it verry
easy but there is no hury
for a month yet if you
think it is best to send
a box by en by I will send
the mesure of my foot I am
verry sory to here about the
cow indeed [crastu?] and dan
had better stay at home
tell sis to write and here
minature will be excepted if she
chooses to send it all for now
Yours J P Campbell

  1. Patriotic image in upper left hand corner
  2. shan-- = word continues on the next line
  3. conveni=word continues on the next line
September 10, 1863


Battery H, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery
private; first sergeant
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Name Variant: 
“Dear father”
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


From State: 
From Note: 
Fort Richardson


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Madison McFarland
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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