Camp at Burk Station Apr 15th /65
Dear Mary I recieved your welcome letter
of march 30th this morning and was much
pleased to here from home and from you I have
not writen a letter since we went on the march
there has been no way of sending them lost night
is the first time that we hove recieved ony mail
Soturday April 1st we turned out about twelve
at night and got ready to stock the enomys
lines about five we was ordered out on to
srermish line and went in to position
we opned on a reb fort we fired 13th rounds
when the infentry charged on it and took
it so the 6th Core broke the enomys line
we falowed up about a mile and come
in position again we drove the rebs in
all directions we hod not a mon hurt
about three ocloock Sunday after noon
we went in again there was a reb battery
in position all ready far us we had our
numbers toos leg shot of before the gun
[page 2]
was unlimbered we opened on them and
the third shot thay fired at us was a shell [tl?]
burst right over out piece and a piece of it
took one in the little finger went right through
close to the hond but we was to much for
them we killed three of there horses and several
men thay limbered up three of there pieces
and left we falowed and drove them
again I don my deuty at the gun my
hond bled freely we had a man shot dead
there the rebs run for another kill and
we persued them we got in position
this time were thay had a cross fire on
us we lost six horses and three men
killed dead there was three regiments
of infentry charged the fort and took
it and the battery too we lost five men
killed and seven wounded and nine
horses we stayed on the battle field that
right to be ready for them in the moring
the rebs evocuated peaters burg and
rich mond in the night and started
for danaill the 6th 5th 24th cores went

[page 3]
went after them in persute we ove
took them on the sixth at solars
run and vhiped them agoin our batt-- [1]
ery was engaged but we had the best of
ald lee he had no artillery and thay was
no where whe piled them up one top of
another our infentry charged through
a swomp and drove and took a good
meny of them prisoners the fight losted
thre hours ve hod not a mon hurt
our men buried the dead was at
worke all night ve started agoin in
the mornign we marched untill about
three the ofter noon of the ninth we had
lee suronded tomas was in his front
gront was in his read sherdon on
his right and [ard?] on his left
he sent in a fleg of truce and surenet-- [surenet-- = word continues on next line]
ered 29ne thousend men our battery
was the first to fire the saloot for
peas I never saw such a day before
men chearing hats in the air and gen-- [gen = word continues on next line]
erals rideing at top spead
[page 4]
It rained the 10th we started on the
bock trock on the eleventh and got here
lost night about dark we expect to
take tronsportation far peaters burg
soon general rights says that the 6th
Core will be discharged first for brovery
my hand is quite sore yet but it
is doing vell the bone was hurt a little
but I will not loose the use of it
I think that I got off quite loockey
and I am glad that the war is over
there has been an ouful time in the
armey since pease is declaired we are
52 miles from peaters burg the Juhneys
soon to be as glad as our men that it
is over I will probably take some
time yet for evry thing to be strotoned
I never recieved the letter that mother
wrote but I will write one soon
and tell her all I must close for
this time Vrite soon yours
yo J. P. Campbell
Good by

  1. batt-- = word continues on next line
April 15, 1865


Battery H, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery
private; first sergeant
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Name Variant: 
Dear Mary


From State: 
From Municipality: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Madison McFarland
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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