Southington March 12th 1865

Sunday afternoon

This afternoon Dear Brother is a mournful
time at home .. mother you will never see
again in this world.. She Died friday morning
about five Oclock I and Father have just
got home from the Funeral which was this
forenoon Henry [1] not being able to go
To explain our troubles I
will begin at their commencement about five
weeks ago Nancy had [another Girl?] Her third [2]
Mother was over to see Her and all went along
quite well.. About one week after Henry was taken
with the catarrh [3] Fever and was very sick.. Mother
who never could rest when her children was sick
you Know as well as I do.. Worried a good deal and
was up a good share of the time as she could not
sleep even when Father or myself was up she thought
she would have to watch him anyhow.. about three weeks
ago Nancys second Girl little Minnie was taken with
nearly the same complaint that Henry was taken with and Died one
week ago thursday and was buried one week ago yesterday
Nancy had caught some could [4] and worried about her little
Girl so she was not able to attend its funeral..
Mother being broke of her rest so much her constitution
Was broke down and one week ago wednesday the day
before Minnie Died Mother was attacked
verry severely with Typhoid Fever and run right
down in spite of all wee could do and friday
morning Died and was buried today.. Nancy is quite
unwell and is still confined to the House she could not
see Mother and has not since she was taken sick
nor could not even attend her funeral
[Page 2]
Jason I cannot describe her feelings as she wanted
to see her Mother so bad but was altogether Deprived..
Henry still lies quite low no Mother to care for him
more, it is quite doubtfull whether he will recover or
not but wee hope He will I and Father have had
a hard time wee have bin up most all the time since
Mother was sick and a good deal before wee done
all wee could for Mother but wee could not save her
wee had Doctor Manly John Milton and Newton
Rice.. Nancy talks of moving down and living with
us when she recovers. wee should have wrote
to you before but could not find time to
Helsly and Doty have finaly made out
your Deed whitch Father has got all right..
Marie was up to the funereal to day she
says Dollie has got a hard cold.. it has bin
the sickliest time it has bin for a long time
Cornelius Wilson Mary Cannons Man
Died of Consumption the forepart of last week
I guess I will close for this time as I must go and do
the chores you must write us a letter and let
us Know how your get along.. it is getting to
be quite spring weather write as soon as you can
from Your Brother
Frank Hurd

  1. Henry was their young brother
  2. A fold in page
  3. Catarrh Fever is a form of influenza or bronchitis
  4. could=cold?
March 12, 1865


Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


Name Variant: 
Jason Herd
Co. G, 19th Ohio Infantry
sergeant; 1st lieutenant
Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2013

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