Camp Chase 6th O.V.Cav.
April 16th 1862
Affectionate Wife
I received yours
of the 11th yestarday and was happy
to hear of your good health. I sincerely
hope you will take good care of
your self. so you take comfort in
haveing your health at least. I am
well, but almost rosted as I am writing
here in the tent its very hot and no air
stiring in side the sweat is rolling off me
and my under shirt is wringing wet with
sweat. Bully for Julia but I suppose it
is biger than a split sixpence now
Henry Jarret used to sware it was not
as large as one. If you think she can
do better than you can perhaps you can
buy her share of the girl and I will give
you mine if you will agree to use the
[page 2]
Child as though you was its mother, and
then you can have some thing to remember
me by espeshialy if it looks like me
(and I think it will) I am afraid if
Charlotte goes to Morgans to live she will
Seduce pick. It would be a pity to seduce
such a nice and honerable young man
as he is and ruin him for life
As you have mentioned my taking
you in hand I will now say what I
would have said a year ago if I dared
I was afraid of that thing myself for
I knew the influence you was under
would lead you in that way if you
did not look out for number one. But I
am as thankfull as you are that things
are as well as there are I never have had
any regret for the charge I have taken
and sworn to love and support while
I live And I sincerely hope I never shall
have any occasion to while either of us
[page 3]
lives Now Diana have confidence in me
and you can rely on me being true as
steel to you I guess you will think this is a
love letter, but we must speak our mind on these things
to understand each other Now for the news
We have not been payed yet if we
do not get it this week the Captain
says we will be discharged. I hope
we will get it if we can go on to
Dixie April 17th Rained last night
and will be a rainy day to day. I am
on Police guard to day I will have a
moist time of it to day The rain
spatters down on our cotton house
like mad a lot of sesh left this
morning for Johnson Island
Barron Brownlow was elected
Chaplain of the 69th Regt
The Band of the 69th gave our
major a serenade last night
the Report is that the 7th & 11th Regts
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are coming here
Well Lidy I have
nothing more to write to day news
is scarce here for it is the same
thing over day after. Perhaps
Watson will let you read
the letter I write to him
It is a bore that we cant
get a letter t[h]rough either way
in less than a week
Yours Truly
As ever
to my Affectionate Wife

April 16, 1862


Co. D, 6th Ohio Cavalry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


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Camp Chase


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Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
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February, 2016

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