Sunday May 4th 1862
Camp Chase Columbus Ohio
Dear Wife
I received your package of letters
to day and was happy to hear from you, and to get
a long letter for you have been very brief in some
of them. I am enjoying good health and hope you
are enjoying your usual health, and I hope you will
not make your self sick walking so far after a letter
from me I would rather you would not hear from
me for a day or two than to have you walk to the
Center and back. I think our folks are coming to a
pretty hard pass if they cannot go to the Center for
you or furnish you away to go. I would suggest
that you got a new boarding place if that is the
way you are to be treated some of them will get
to hear from me before long if this thing is to be
repeted very often, and that you would walk a great
distance to get a letter frome me, but that does not
make it rite that you should do so and I know it
is not beneficial for your health, some women
could stand it but I do not think you can
You will please me if you would not do so again
but do as you think best I do not want to control
you actions onley to give you my oppinion and
you can take them for what they are worth. Diana
if you had been in Camp as long as I have been
and pass over the same routine day after day you would
be as anxious to get where there would be some
excitement as I am. I writ just as I pass about every
thing and you must not think that I can stay
in camp all the days of my life and be contented
the longer we stay here the stronger my desire to
be roving some where if this war should be ended
[page 2]
and I should return home I would not be contented
to stay very long, the very reason why I was not
contented when I was at home was because I
had nothing to see but what I had seen and nothing
to divirt my mind, you may think this strange but
so do I, but I cant help help it is so and it grows on
me daily I was contented enough when I was with you
but as soon as you was out of my sight something
was missing, every thing was wrong nothing right
I trust this will answer your first question if not
I cannot answer it. Diana have no restraint
upon your mind but tell me all your troubles
if it any thing I should know for I know of
nothing that should trouble you but I ought to
know it ,, No Diana, you have never tried to boss
me that is not what I meant by restrant over
me. But it is my affections for you and
for your welfare I shall strive to be what I should
be, the influence that suround a person in
camp is likely to lead a person where they
would be ashamed to be seen by their own
wife or mother But so far I have maintained
my honor and I shall endeaver to do so untill
this war is ended at least. Now Diana let me
tell you once for all to use all the money you have
for any thing you want and when that is gone
I will see that you have a new supply I have
no use for money here and if you have I want
you to use it for shoes or any thing, it makes
no difference to me. I know you are doing without
things that you would have if you was working
for your self but it is not my will that you should
do it if I am not able to support you and
do it decent, then you may help me, but untill
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that time comes you must use our money
for it is no more mine than yours because I
earnt it, the time may come ,, as you say,, when
you will have to work out but it has not come
yet and I sincerely hope for your sake it never will
for you shurely have had trials enough in that
way. If Mr. Kellogg would pay you what is your
due it would be as much honor to him as asking
you to go there to work in that dam whore house
no you never shall go there while I live if I can
do any thing to hender you, and I know you
do not want to go. I will do as you wish in
refference to my likeness of course, you kneed
not be so delicate is asking any thing of me as
if you was affraid you would offend for I
will do any thing I can to please you all you
will have to do is to make the request so that I will
know what is wanted. I have money enough
to pay for one likeness we wer paid off last week
up to the first of March I received 28 dollars
I shall send you twenty five if it so you will
have enough for one spree I would send it all
but some thing might happen to me that I
would kneed a little so I will keep it if your
are willing to trust it with me We have not
received our Carbines or Pistols yet and if I
get my picture taken here I will not have them
for we will not get them untill we get to Wheeling
Fear not Diana that I will wear my breast plates
in the seat of my britches in a Battle, all I fear
is the close of the war before we get a a chance in
I shall not do as Jim Ormsby done as soon as he
Got his pay he began to fix thing for departure
Into another state, and acording the next
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night after he got his pay he started in the night
hook and line, he has probly gone to his cousin
it is all right for he was of no use here or any
where else, als Louis ,,P,, White & Robert Force
deserted from our company since pay day
Well when Dill Duer comes up I hope my little
Pinkey wont fall in love with him for if she
does I will commit Susen side or water side
on short notice Diana I will send you a ring
made by a sesh as soon as I can get on duty
so I can buy one of the prisoners Take my advice
Mit and if you thing any one in Vernon has
any spite against you that would prompt
them to seek revenge, be on your guard and
do not be in that neighborhood after night
without company that you can depend on
If I live at all it will be for you for I have nothing
else to live for nor do I want any thing else for
you are a prise for any one to strive to do their
duty for. I expect some day the lord willing
to return to you, but the lord onley knows where
that will be Col. Moody told us to day that we
would leave this week for Wheeling he said he
hardly knew how spare us but he would have to
do it if we go it onleys leaves the 61st Regt
here to guard boath Prisons, Moody say the sixth
are the best regiment ever in this Camp his own
Regt not excepted he has changed his tune greatley
since Frank Downer made him get down of his
horse to give the Countersign one night he told
him he was the first man ever made him get down
of his horse There is a Circus down to Columbus
tomorrow Cale and I are going down on a boat
Write soon and a long letter and oblige your
Afectionate Husband Bill Tell to Lidy

May 4, 1862




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Camp Chase


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