Stafford Court House Va.. Feb 22nd 1863
Good Morning Lydia
Rather stormy
here how is it up your way. We wer to move
this morning at 8 oclock “But,, it commenced
snowing in the night and is snowing yet snow
is about a foot deep. So you see our moving is
knocked in the head for a few days at least
The last letter I wrote you I expected we would
move the next day but Sigel could not spare
us at that time. Jolly old times in camp this
morning our tent was drifted all over with
snow inside and out some of the boys could not
get out of their tents untill the snow was drug
away the boys hoop & hollow as they hunt around
in the snow for wood. Fireing heavy guns
down on the Rapohamock this morning in honor
of George Washington’s Birth day (I expect)
Your welcome litter of the 15th was
joyfully Received last evening, you should have
received letter every week for I have writen them
to you that often. A.C. Meeker of our co. started
home on furlough yestarday lives at Newton Falls
10 days furlough. I donot find it convenient to
Come home just now to take you to a spree, although
I would like to Cannot hire a substitute that
would do as well. Charley must have the Blews
to write home such stuf as that fer while there
is life there is hope. Never do to give up that way
He will probley get a furlough and go home then
he will get over his disease which is homesickness
(I expect). Fox fur may be in good demand up
your way but it would be better here. I would
be almost tempted to deal in it myself (.by. your..leave.)
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You will find inclosed a monkey inclosed
it is Poor, but the best I could do here the varnish
made it streaked,, it will kneed shearing soon
(if you have any shears). I have not had my wool cut
for a dogs age the coloring is green where it
should have been yellow, such things cost one dollar
here, by taking it out of the frame you can see
more of it but I think there is quite enough of it
for one view. Revolver gun will will see under the left arm
boys are all well but George Hayes he is getting
better Oliver is at Dumfries they [Rebert?] is he is
not very well. Wrote to your mother Friday.
Received the Paper you sent. Received Dicks
letter will consider it well before writing. He
tries to coax me home by telling me he will give
me some Maple Sugar but that dont take
there is sweter things thare than sugar, if sweet
is what was wanting, But time will bring all
things around and it would best please me to
Well I must close for this time so Good
by write at your earlies convenience and
N.B. the boys say you will say if I look anything
like my likeness that you will never want
to see me again, be that as it may, I will send
it because you Requested it I could not get
it before
“Pete,, To Diana Fell
Trumbell co.

February 22, 1863


Co. D, 6th Ohio Cavalry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


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February, 2015
M. Ellis
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February, 2016

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