Potomac Station Va. Mar. 21st 1863
Yours of the 12 and 14th was duley Read,
last evening as to day is Sunday and I happen to have
leisure time I will improve it in writing to you
All goes on as usual again since the fight the wounded
are doing well. Lieut Wood will get a furlough without
doubt I think he lives on the road bettween Warren an
Newton Falls 7 miles from Warren, any information
you want you can get by calling on him he will be at
home probley 30 days.
Hamilton Payton is still alive in Co C. he is
a fair sample of the whole Co the Captain looks as bad as
he does an is a big fool Harry is detailed to take care of
Messellaneous Horses (such as you used to discribe to me
as my horse would look like) But I have two good
ones now the Capt got one of mine wounded in the fight
I never drew but one from the Government and had
it stole last June, stealing is part of a soldiers trade without
being a thief a man can never be a good soldier If you should
happen down here just look in to the first tent on the right
of Co D and see what you will see there (will discribe)
[page 2]
you will see a wall tent on a side hill but is dug away
the dirt and leveled off a place to set the tent. At the
front you will see a row of Evergreens (Pine Holly &
Cedar) set in front of our tent and go around to the other
end you will see the smoke curling from our Chimney which
is made of [flit?] sticks and mud with a pork Barrel on
top, you Raise the curtain and enter you see two beds made
up, one at one end of the tent and the other at the side, they
are made up from the ground about 2 feet by driving crotches
down and laying [padles?] (in absence of boards) across thick enough
to keep the pine a and cedar bough we lay on them from falling
through then we spread on blankets down and have a good
bed over head you will see a pole hung up with almost
all kinds of clothing hung on except Diapers in the corner
you will see our cupboard with two shelves with our Blinkers
on Novels, papers, Eucher, decks &c. &c. all around about
5 oclock you will see sergeant Fell Corporall Pardee
Wm Golloway and Bob, Lowry reading letters from home
(when they get any) and afterwards you will see us engaged
in a family game of Eucher or sitting by a good fireplace
talking of old times when we wer on earth the first time
opining yarns or singing some old church tune playing
tricks on each other giving and taking joaks and some
time have visitirs or go visiting in fact you will find
us enjoying ourselves “white folks,, And so let the “Copper
heads,, jig, as they will we will fight for the unien still
“Our grub,, we eat what we draw Potatoes, turnips, soft bread
and such fixens then you see there is a Brigade Q.M.
to every Brigade that have the Priveledge to sell to all
[page 3]
Commissioned Officer & each division has also one
then all is required is an order Saing what you want
with a commissioned Officers name to it and you can
get it by paying for it. It is a very easy matter to write an
order an sign a name at least we do not hesitate to do
so when we want any thing (are we not right in getting what
we want to eat) Our washing is a short job and we have got
used to it so we dont mind there is always nigers enough to wash
our clothes a five cents a piece. Towels we have 5 hung up in
our tent now, as I ishue the oats out every day I have 5 or 6
sacks some cotton some linen and some of them tow sacks which
are thrown away, they make good towels, it is a pitty to waste
them but such is the way things go in the armey. I have
two good hankerchief one silk one
[page 4]
those socks you sent I never have had on yet I have
got a pair of leaky boots and do not want to spoil my socks
now you kneed not knit me any cotton socks as I will not wear any
much longer. I did not wear them last summer for 5 months
at a streatch. The 1st R. I. Cavalry’s Band are playing to
day while I write I can hardly keep still long enough to [????]
Weather has been cold and snowy for a week
past but cleared up to day the snow has melted
all off. Please tell Jeff I got his letter and that he
kneed not take any trouble in future to write to me as his
last one will be enough to last me while in the service (I
shall not answer it)
Most Respectively Yours

March 21, 1863


Co. D, 6th Ohio Cavalry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


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Kenneth Gardner
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February, 2015
M. Ellis
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February, 2016

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