[April 2, 1863]? 1863
Our Mail has been very irregular
for about a month but it now begins
to come to us again all right. I com
menced a letter to you before we
commenced the Retreat but was
orderd out bfore I could finish it
the other day I had a chance to send
out Mail by one of our boys that
was going to the Rear and I had
but about 3 minuts to write so
I scribled a letter and sent it
Along I Received your of the
4th and the line you sent
in Toms letter you always
tell of soldiers being home on
furlough I dont see how it can
bee they shurely do not belong to
the Army of the Potomac as they
Are not granted here, weather is
very cold here espechaly nights
We have not got any Overcoats
yet, cant get them
[page 2]
I was quite surprised to hear of Mrs.
Hayes death, it is indeed a bad thing
for R[??] and with so many small
children to take care of too I think
Tom has made a good trades with
[Lar?] he may do well if he goes out
there and goes to work and lets
the Pigeon Buisness alone as I dont
think that payes any better than
soldiering, but our occupation
is one of necessity and I am contented
with our pay. I think I shall Reenlist
for three years longer as soon as I
can I have nearly 2 months to
serve yet to make up 2 years
then I can Reenlist. Some talk of
our going to Baltimore this winter
to do Provost duty and a rather
favorable chance to go at Present
I think we ought to go into good
quarters this winter as we lay out
of doors all last winter and had
a rather rough time of it
[page 3]
Our new Capt is a trump of a
fellow we all like him so far tip
top he is kind and good to the men
in all things and looks to our interests
in all things and is cool as a
cucumber in a fight “He will do to
tie [two?],, We hear nothing more from
Bob and George since the last 2
wrote home about them J.P. while that
was taken with them is at home
now he lives at the [Center?] of Southington
If Cha’s Stewart works his
cards well he will get home with
his wound.
Col. Loyd has Resigned
and his Resignation has been
accepted so we are minus a Col
so I expect Lieut Col Stedman
will be Col soon and in
all Probability Major Barrett
will be Lieut Col
We hear this evening that the
Rebs tore up the track on the
[page 4]
Orange & Alexandria R.R.
and carried the Rails off with them
Burned the ties and Raised
Hell generaly Bully Boyes
Oct 28th All goes as usual
this meaning all quiet along our
lines and our boys are feeling tip
top after their nights sleep
the Election news gives
us all new courage and cheers
up [???] the Old Standard
Our Regtvote almost under
the enemies fire Our Brigade
was in Reserve and the 2nd
Brigade was fightning while we
was voting we wer all
standing 20 Horse,, expecting to
be called on every, But
it would take more than Jonneys
to keep Ohio Soldiers from voting
when by so doing they could
silence a traitor
our vote was small as we had nothing
but fighting men with us at the time the
“[Rummers?],, wer all with the train
and nearly half of our men are
minors the vote of [J?] Co stand 160
for Bronson and 2 for the traitor
Nothing more this time truly yours Bine

April 3, 1863


Co. D, 6th Ohio Cavalry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


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Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
February, 2016

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