Potomac Station Va Apr 3rd
Yours of the 2[9th?] ult. Came to
hand last evening found me Ragged and [???]
-tioned and in good health and enjoying perfect
happiness [???????] I know. Weather cold and
about 2 inches of snow fell last night cold
wind blowing from up your way this morning
had been quite warm for several days past
the roads had got quite passable and grass had
began to start a little. Our Regt is on picket
(all the mounted men (190) went out yestarday
will be out [5?] days. We feed horses bad not more
than half of the Regt are mounted, those new
co. have not got a horse yet nor armes [??]
their kind, “Bully,, Col. Loyd has Resigned so
we are to be Rid of one nuisance to the Regt.
Also, Capt. Bartlett and Lieut Beaty of
Co. L. Ajutant Wright has been off [???]
Captain Bartlett place [?????] is now
First Lieut and Lieut [Baldwin?] Ajutant
[page 2]
I expect Lieut Col. Collins who is with the
Battallion in Kansas will be ordered to our
Regt. and if he is I think he will Resign if
He does (Major Stedman will be Col Capt
Cryer Lieut Col Capt Barrett Major.
Your oppinion of Capt [Abells?] was as near
right as you could get it he does not know
any thing about Military matters the Col commanding
Brigade gave him hell the other day he called
him a goose of men. I recd those things you
and friends sent with him I gladly Read
them as you sent them but but as I told you
before I did not want any thing would Rather
you had not sent them for I did not kneed them
Bob also Recd his Package Laffayette Lake
arrived here last evening he stayed with me
last night and is here now in the tent as all
the boys are out of my mess on Picket I have
plenty room for him he does not know what
Co. he will join yet I would like to have
Him in Co. D but did not want to urge the
matter so if he should join us he would not
be dissatisfide if he has his own choise
[page 3]
he is almost to young could not hold
him unless he choose to stay. I did not
know him and would not have known that
I ever saw him had not he told me his name
We had a Review day before yestarday the whole
Brigade was out and the mules wer
Packed and Review also we had one day
forage on our horses and three days Rations
in our haversacks the mule [sling?] packed
with the camp kettles and mess Pans
made some splendid laughs for the boys
the pans would Rattle and the mules would
kick and pull awy then you would see them
get away jump a kick and every kick a jump
packs scattered for a mile and mules Run
wild like mad such was the Review of the
first Brigade. I hear that Ed is a Regllar
secesh that he is mad [At?] evry U.S. Soldier
in the service, so I though[t] allright no body
hurt that I know of but if he will only
come down here and join the Rebels I will
settle any account that he has against me
such men are a curse to our cause and
[page 4]
a curse to the country and themselves
I cannot Respect such men (although he
may be your Brother) the [??] such men
you can lay the blame of this war lasting
as long as it has it is fed by northern fuel
northern traiters add to the flame dailey
by their foul slander & men that stand
in the defence of their rights their home
and [Propperty?] we are exposed to all the
hard life of a soldiers live we go half starved
and half clad at times, stand the blunt
of Rebel Bullets spend many a sleepless
night laying in the watter or mud while
we try to sleep. While traiters can stay at
home good beds to sleep in and are surrounded
with home comforts. While they are cursing
the poor half starved soldier who has gone
to the support of our country and the best
government the light ever shown on our [forfathers?]
fought 7 long years to gain the independence
can we shut ourselves up and see all lost
by a traitorse gang of thieves. No never we will
serve our time out and as longer if
it is Required of us victory must and shall

April 3, 1863


Co. D, 6th Ohio Cavalry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


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Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
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February, 2016

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