Potomac Station Va May 2[0?] [1863]
Yours without date was recvd
And as this is Sunday, I will write but
a few lines in haste this morning [???]
[????] have inspection as 9 this morning
and again at 4 this afternoon, And to morrow
we move to Bealton Station on the Orange
to Alexandria R.R. a distance of about [??]
miles from this place, the Dead Horse
cavalry belonging to our Regt from Dumfries
will join us here at the Station [?????]
the latter so our Regt will be together and
more. It will be no news to you to hear that
Poor Dudley Hall is Dead, as of course Pick
has writen home. I did not hear of his death
untill two days after it occured and have not
yet heard the Particulars. Dud will be missed
as much as any in co D. he always had some
fun when “Pretty,, as we all called him was
around. He is the first of the Fowler boys
[page 2]
to go who will be the next. Oliver Hall is
in Phill. Pa. he is feeling well enough and
says he can put in his 3 years there as well as
any where, But he can whistle for his discharge
for they are played out. He says Cale stayed in
Washington I have not heard any thing from Cale only
this We have moved our camp and have got
a splendid place in the woods now, and have
wanted [lik capes?] to clean it up, But we
have the satisfaction of leaving it to morow
to go to a place we cannot get wood or water
Laffayette Lake is still here and well He is
talking of hireing out to Uncle Sam to drive
oxen at $40.00 a month I advised him to do
so by almeanes he can do better here than at home
if he does not get home sick as to the story
you heard it is all foldrol he can get a post
any time and enough to eat. Bully for Chandler
Howley and all the Rest of the dont care a
dam kind of men so Richmond is taken
what good will his treating a few Civillians
at home do [us?] if he will keep his time untill
we go home and give us a “smile,, he will be
[page 3]
doing some thing for the [??] in, weather is very [warm?]
dry and dusty [god?] but I hate to march in the
dust to morrow. That White you spoke
of is acknowledged by all to be damdest
bigest fool in the 6th .O.V.C. and his wife a
W—e by god. We have the best of news from
the [Capt?] and in [????????????????????]
some thing till better [?????]
My health is better than it has been
for the last 2 [weeks?] I have been trying to
kick the bucket but the damed thing just [??]
far enough away so I could not reach it I
look like braking up of a hard winter or the
[??] Rim of what in the [??] or [????]
[??] drown them [??] sick [??] or [????]
cavalry horse [??] was cut on [?????????]
or a Returned prisoner form the “Libby,,
well in fact like a used up individual.
Ahem! How does Leut Woods letter on
copperheads set up your way. Ahem! [??]
I hear a [?????????????????????????????]
But O Generation of vipers you have had
your day so dont [????????????????????]
[page 4]
Bully for C.[????????????????] onley
[??] ought to have been hung. (by the neck)
(I mean)
The War Progresses finely [??]
[?????] as nicely as could be [wished?]
[??????????] close [????] only
I would like to see the Armey of the Potomac
give them another touch soon if the
[?????] and Jo [?????] is willing I
am to cross the Rappohamock to morrow
and next time stay there
O. all the Picket Post
Pop goes the weasel

May 20, 1863


Co. D, 6th Ohio Cavalry
private; sergeant
Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


Residence (County): 
Trumbull County, OH


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 

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Kenneth Gardner
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
February, 2016

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