Woodson ville Ky
March 8th /63
My Dear child after receiven
your letter withe Abis I
concluded to wright you afew
lines to let you kno that we
was still at the old place
whare we first stoped we
dont no how long we ma
stay here. there is some rebles
reported to be down below
ous let them come we are
ready for them. I bleave I
would fight. try me and
se that is the to find out
It has rained here for several
days and knights and is still
rainen the river is very hy
and still rasen it has raised
some ten feet in the last 24
hours it is past gone over
the fary bot I dar not cross it was
[written in the right corner of page]
so I will
[page 2]
Mary Elen our boys was put
out on picket to day I was
detailed for cook for my
mess there is but one and
my self in the tent to night
I took there super to them
to knight I walked some two
miles they are in line about
two miles long. our tent is
very wet. mud is half shoe
mouth deap. it is hard times
down here. you halve your
dry beads to sleep in we halve
our wet tents and split pu
= nchens to lay on. we are smoked
nearly to death. it is a poor way of
liven. eggs 20 cts pur dosen
chickens 25 apeace. Pies 10cts peas
nothen in them one peach to a pie
the crust thin and tuff you
would not eat them I dont
buy them the boys do it
is mony thrown away I think
[page 3]
Mary Elen I drawen 29 dollars
and ninty cts I sent your
uncle Elick thirty dollars for
the youse of you three children
I told him in aletter to wrig
= ht to me soon after he got it
I halve not heard from it
yet I sent if the 17 of last
month it is curious that I
dont heare from it
Mary Elen if you no eany
thing about it let me no
soon. there is plenty of rebles
down here our Calvary is
fetchen them in nearly evry
day. I expect there will be
afight here yet let them
come we will give ahot vis
- et. we had 83 men when
we left camp Denisen we halve
but 38 fit for duty at this time
I ame one of the best of the
number I am always ready
for duty
[page 4]
Mary Elen I halve not mutch
more to wright at this time
be agood girl and minde
Eliza I will come home some
time and stay with you
the balance of my time
on eurth fare well my
child. from your father

To David S and Eliza Miars
I halve not mutch to wright
this is avery rought country
down here I dont think it is wo
= rth fiten for if I was at home
I would stay there. things looke
dark down here at this time the
same oup ther I recon things may
change I hope so. Eliza Mary E
has ben troubled with worms I
wish you to get some liquor and
asophidety and put in it and
let her Drink 3 mornings and mis
3 till she drinks nine mornings then
miss nine son I think she will be better
yours truly E. J. Gorham to David and
Eliza Miars

March 9, 1863


Co. K, 79th Ohio Infantry; Co. A, 75th Ohio Infantry
Residence (County): 
Clinton County, OH


Residence (County): 
Clinton County, OH


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Barbara Jones
Transcription Date: 
May, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
February, 2016

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