Murfreesboro Tenn
The army of the combrl
fourteenth army Core
May 29th /63
Dear child I reseived aletter
from you about one month
ago In formen me that you
had ben sick but was well
at that time I was very glad
to here from you and here that
you are well and doing well
and well satisfied with your
home I no you halve got agood
home as eany body can halve
Mary Elen I wont you to respe
= ct your home and mind what
Eliza tells you for she will not
tell you eany thing rong be akind
girl and you will reap your
[page 2]
Mary Ellen I was taken
sick on the 27 of April with
the bowl complaint it run in
to the flux I suford terable
for several days I got some
ease then I layed for weaks
one thing getten weaker evry
day I lost my apetite I eat
not one thing for seven days
I got so weak I could not get
oup on the 22th of May the
leutenant put me in ambulan
= ce and took me to Murfreesboro
hospitle. No. five whare I am
now. I am better I am able
to walk around now. there is
meany sick here at this time
three died in our company last
weak. the sitizens say it was
never sickly here before. it has
ben dry here for several weaks
[page 3, slide 471]
it rained last night and is
rainen to day it has cooled
the are and layed the dust
I got aletter from Ben B Harly
last sunday also one from Abi
and Alvira. they give me good
satisfaction. Mary Ellen
would halve rote sooner to
you but I was so weak that
I could not set oup longe
anuff at atime this will do
as well I hope. I entended to
send you some money this time
but sence I got sick I had to
youse some and I halve not
it to spare for feare I shal
nead it I halve but little
I will send you some the
next time we are paid off
I sent Elick five dollars. Abi five
Almira 3 and Malvina 50 baby 50 cts
[page 4]
you wonted to no if the
wor would end son or
not I cant tell you no
more about it oup there than
we do I se no end to it. there
is all kind of people here with
all kinds of diseas some shot
in legs some in the bowls some
in the breast some in the face
and mouth others shot evry
whare distresard be yond acount
I hope thes few lines will find
you all well and doing well
I wont to get home if I can
wright soon after the recption
of this letter. Fare well dear
Child. direct Eleazor J Gorham
Murfreesboro Tenn 1st ohio
Sharp shooters Care of let. Wiliamson
[upside down top of this page]
remember me for I for get
you not. if I live I will
se you again some day.
[top of first page upside down]
lonsome to me here. time
goes slo I dont no one in the
hospittle I am alone
[1] Saturday morning
May 30th I am alittle
better this morning
From E.J. Gorham
to Mary Ellen Gorham Farewell Childe for the presant

  1. First page, top left side of paper
May 29, 1863


Co. K, 79th Ohio Infantry; Co. A, 75th Ohio Infantry
Residence (County): 
Clinton County, OH


Residence (County): 
Clinton County, OH


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Barbara Jones
Transcription Date: 
May, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
February, 2016

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