March 25th 1865
Goldsboro North Carolina
Darling I take this opertunity
to in form you that I am amongest
the liven yet. and have tolerable
health. hopen when theas lines come
to your hands you will be in the
best of health. we left Savanah
the 2 day of January and landed
in Goldsboro NC on the 24 of this
month. we had alonge hard march
we had some hard fighten round
here. on the 16 of this month we
had a hard fight lost kiled and
wonded some five hundread my com
= pany lost six. one kiled five wonded
the 79 lost 21 six of them out of
my company. on the 19 heavy fighten
all day till way in the night
we halve only drawn three days ra
= tions in fifty six days
[page 2]
we are all tired and wore out
nead rest our campaign is over
for this time. we left Savannah
on the 2 day of January. we have
travled over five hundread miles
we travled all over South Carolina
burnt evry thinge bifore ous. S.C
is no more. we crost rivers and
swomps in evry corse bad weath
= er and bad roads Still we went
on till we got through. Darling
I am looken ahead for the time to
come when I will come home
this is avery poor part of the
world white sand and pine timb
= er. we burn pine wood all the time
we are smoked blacked as negros
the peach trees and plume trees are
in full blume here now. last
night we had some frost. I halve
seen but afew flakes of snow this
winter. at two difornt times
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Mary Ellen I say to you
three years ago to day your
poor Mother died. She is better
off than you or I. little did I
think then that I would be
whare I am to day. in the four
and ahalf past months we have
travled about one thousand miles
I halve walked it in one pare
of shoes. they are nearly worn
out now. Goldsboro is on abeaut
= iful pacest peace of ground the
houses are scaterd over the ground
not in solid blocks like our
Northen towns, this after noon we
leave town. move some four miles to
the regiment. our longe and dan
- gerous campaign is over for ashort time
Sherman ses we shal have rest and
the supplies the rich granies
can aford. we are tired and nead rest
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March 26th
the male go out at
two oclock I must draw
theas few lines to aclose
Mary Ellen theas lines leave
me in tolerable good health
hopen they will finde you
in the best of health
tell Malvina and the baby that
I am comen home this sumer to
see them the time seams longe
to me but it will come after
while then I will stay at home
From your father to Mary Ellen Gorham

Direct E.J. Gorham, Goldsboro N.C
1st brig 3rd div 20 a c
Ambulance core, 1st brigade

[1] fare well childe

  1. Written along the left side of page
March 25, 1865


Co. K, 79th Ohio Infantry; Co. A, 75th Ohio Infantry
Residence (County): 
Clinton County, OH


Residence (County): 
Clinton County, OH


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Barbara Jones
Transcription Date: 
May, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
February, 2016

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