Camp Jefferson [1]
Jany the 19th 1862
Dear and
beloved wife it is with mutch
pleasure that i again take my pen
in hand to inform you that i am
well at this time and cincerely hope
those fiew lines will find you
and our loved ones the Same i
recieved your letter to day of the [14?]
which brought me the [????] [word?]
that [estta?] and little louisa ware
quite unwell it done me a grate
eel of good to here from you but
sorry to learn that two of our darlings
ware sick it makes me feel verry
bad to learn that anny of you
are sick it makes me feel
a wanting to come home with
you but this must wait for
[page 2]
untill i can get a furlow the
Lieutenant told me that he would
give me a furlow after we are
paid of again but then i will hav
to get the Colonel to sine it
and then the brigadier General
and then the division General
and then i will hav to get General
bewel and if they all Sine it
then i can come home and See
my loved ones and bewel is in
louis ville i could get him to
Sine it as it would bee on my way
i hav not Said anny thing about it
ton anny of our boys for it would
make Some of them want to go to
and they mite get a head of me
i will get furlow if i posably
can nothing would do me more
good than to hav the privelage
of once more Seeing you and
[page 3]
our dear ones once more
we are Still at bacon creek
and i dont now how long we
will Stay but i think that we
will not leve here for Some
time i got a letter yesterday
from James and he Said that
they ware all well and i got
aletter today from allen [woch?]
herights to me pretty often
i Should like to hav seen
Joseph houser when he was out
their you said he was a nice
young man did he say anny
thing about that piece of
land that billy lives on down
in the woods you Said that i must
tell you what i think of your
letter i think it is a verry good
letter it does me good to read
it you said that that you
[page 4]
could not hardly read my last
letter and that i must hav been
trubled when i rote it that is
a fact i was trubbled then but
you must excuse my weakness
you Said that my being abcent
caused you a gratel of trubble and
as i love you [all?] dearly it give
me a grateel of trubble at
that time but your last letter
does me a grateel of good
and makes me feel better
it makes me feel [???] sad
to now that you are in
trubble with your letter
Just a fiew days a go and i
sent in it a letter to Sis and
Eugene their is nothing of anny
importance happened here Since
i last rote you dave thorton
Stands the Soldiers life verry
well the boys are all well
with a fiew exceptions

[2] the people here think
it will soon close

[3] you must tell me what the opinion of the people their is
on the war and wether they think it will soon close

  1. Located at Elizabethtown, Kentucky
  2. Written upside down at top of page one
  3. At top of pages two and three, upside down]
January 19, 1862


Co. E, 21st Ohio Inf.
Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


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From Note: 
Camp Jefferson


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Jamie Young
Transcription Date: 
April, 2009
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2009

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