[1] 21st REGT. O. V. U. S. A.
Col. J. S. Norton
Co. E

Camp Taylor Huntsville
Ala May the 6th 1862

Dear wife it is with mutch pleasure
That i again take my pen in hand
to letyou know that i am well at
presant and hope those fiew lines
will find you and the children
children the same i have not gotten
aletter from you for a month and
i am very anctious to here from
you the rebbles attacted our
mail train the other day which
consisted of Seven wagons and they
captured the train and destroyed
[page 2]
[our?] mail an i think imust
[hav?] had Some letters in that
n[??] i am out of Stamps and hav
been for Some time but i hav
manged to borrow of[f] the other boys
to send Some fower or five letters
and [i?] will hav to borrow to Send
[this?] [one?] i must right as often as
ther is a chance to Send it makes
me feel verry lonley when i donot
get aletter for So long atime from
the best and dearest friend that
i hav in this world and the one
that is all to me but i cannot think
that it is anny fault of yours for
i believe you right to me every
week and i right as often as the
mail goes out our regament was
provost gards to gard the the
town of huntsville and they
acted in that capacity awhile
and then they feared anatact
on the east end of the railroad
[page 3]
and then they ware Sent
out about Sixty miles to the
Junction of the nashville and
chattanuga railroad with the
memphis and charleston this is
the road that runs threw this place
they run out on th cars well they
stayed this one knight and then
came back to this place and then
our regament was appointed to gard
the town a gain So we are not in
So mutch danger and dont hav the
hard martching that others will
hav iwish iwish this ungodly
war was over and i at home
with you and our darlings for
i do want to See you So bad i will
Send a little pearl ring that i
made i think it will fit Sis
tell the children that would
like to bee at home and play
with them tell them that they
must bee good to their ma and
[page 4]
mind what She tells them
and when i come home i will
by them Something nice
tell me wether you got the
last twenty dollars that i
Sent you their is two months
[pay? ???] us at this time
[?] is well the wether here
is verry rainey this is monday
i suppose yesterday was a lonsom
day to you it would domy verry
[Soul?] good to Spend those days
with you right often dear one
direct to Huntsville Ala
no more at presant but remain
asever you affectionate husband
till deth
L.B Wort To
S.G. Wort
good by for this time

  1. Printed at the top of the page
May 6, 1862


Co. E, 21st Ohio Inf.
Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


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From Note: 
Camp Taylor


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Jamie Young
Transcription Date: 
April, 2009
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2009

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