[1] 21st REGT. O. V. U. S. A.
Col. J. S. Norton
Co. E

Camp Taylor
Huntsville Ala May 11th 1862
Dear and beloved wife it is with
mutch pleasure that iagain take my
pen in hand to pen afiew lines to you
to let you know that i am well at
presant and cincerely hope those fiew
lines will find you and our dear
ones the Same i hav knot had [a?]
letter from you for over amonth
and ibegin to feel verry uneasy about
you it is a long time Since i hav
heard from you this is Sonday and
i Suppose it is a long lonsom day to you
[page 2]
it is verry lonsom to me ohow i
would like to bee free again and
bee at home with you nothing but
deth would sepperate us i think i
know how to appretiate the comfarts
of home i hate this war business
every day that i am in the Service
the time Seams Solong Since i last
Saw you i Should like to bee their
to make garden for you and fixup
the lot ithaught when i enlisted
that the war would bee over by
this time but i donot think know
that we will hav to make out the
year the people here think that
it will knot last long Since our
men hav got yorktown and new
orleans and mobile they are fairly
whipped but they are to mean to
give up their is ripe cherries and
mulburies and Strawburies here
know their a afellow a going home
on a discharge he will Start next
[page 3]
tuesday and i am going to
Send this with him to Some
postofice in ohio whare he will
mail it and you will get it direct
their is no regularity about the
mail going out here or coming in
i Sent you one by mail last monday
you must tell me which one you
get first i Suppose you dont get
[???] letters verry regular Since we
have gotten down in alabama
but it is knot my falt i right
regular but it makes me feel bad
to think that i cant get a letter
from my best and nearest
friend but it is knot your
falt for you right every week
ile bet the rebbles captured
our mail once and i think they
destroyed Some letters for me
but i Shall live in hopes i donot
think our regament will ever See
another battle we are Still at
[page 4]
huntsville and i think we will
Stay here Some time i will
Send you Some of the alabama
roses they are the prettyest roses
that ever i Saw if i was coming
direct home from here i would
you some flour roots of nice
varietys that dont grow their
the people here begin to like us
better than they did they Say
that they hate to havus goaway
and they are verry friendly
the wether here is verry warm
give my love to the children
and all enquireing friends
direct to Huntsville Alabama
[no?] more at this time but remain
as ever your affectionate husband
untill deth
L. B. Wort to
Susan G. Wort soon
goodby for this time hopeing to meet

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May 11, 1862


Co. E, 21st Ohio Inf.
Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


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Camp Taylor


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April, 2009
M. Ellis
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August, 2009

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