[1] 21st REGT. O. V. U. S. A.
Col. J. S. Norton
Co. E

Camp Taylor Ala
May the 18th 1862

Dear wife it is with mutch pleasure that
i again take my pen in hand to let you know
that i am well at presant and hope those
fiew lines will find you and the children
the Same it has been a long time Since
i recieved a letter from you and it makes
me feel verry uneassy aletter from you would
dome more good than money and to See
you and the children would
bee grate Joy for me but i think by the
fourth of July we will all bee at
home our army is whipping them
[page 2]
[at?] every point and i think they will
[soon?] give up they are fairly whiped
[and?] england and france has advised
them to give it up May the 20 this morning
Still finds me well we hav had a fine [show?]
[???] here Since i commenced [this?] epistal
the rumer in camp this morning that
[????] is taken by our troops if this is
correct we hav ondly to take corrinth
the whole of the mississpi river is
[???] knows and averry Short time will
[hav?] them whipped or Surrendered
[in?] corrinth we are Still at huntsville
we are encamped in town in the yard
of the green acadamy and we occupy the
buildings for the head quarters of the
regament for the colonel and the
doctor and the comesary the colonel
has his wife with him here She
has been here about two weeks She
is knot agood loking women atall
dave thorton has knot came up
with the regament yet he is a brave
[page 3]
Soldier abaswood man all he
wants is the money and lay around
the rest of the hicksville boys are all
well i believe isuppose you had fine
wether their know you must give my
love to the children tell me wether
you got that last twenty dollars that
isent you or not if you got that it is
Seventy dollars that i hav Sent you
i sent louisa miller a letter when i
Sent you the last one before this i got
one from hur the day before i rote
and She Said they ware all well
She Said they hurd that the 21 regament
ware in the fight at corinth but they
ware rongly informed She Said they
hav a verry wet backwerd Spring
and their was but verry little wheat
Sown their itold them they had better
move to ohio that they could do better
their than they could on the paria
She Said that corn was ondly twelve
cents a bushel and other things
[page 4]
in proportion and dry goods
and groceries ware verry high
John bain is maried to that cleg
girl that he useto wait on irote to
her to tell me how Stantons girls
got along and if they had hurd from
old Jerry She Said that bill Stanton
had lost another one of their children
we hav nothing to livon but pork
and crackers and coffee and Sugar
and i think that is rather poor living
you will direct you letter to huntsville
alabama i hav not got aletter from
you yet i will hav to get this letter
counter signed by the colonel for i
am out of Stamps and their is none
here and it will come threw and
then you will hav to pay the postage
isent in one of my litters letters alittle
ring that i made i hav gotten you a
Splendid pair of Shears iwill fetch
them when i come good by for this time
L.B. Wort To S.G. Wort my best friend

  1. Printed at the top of the page
May 18, 1862


Co. E, 21st Ohio Inf.
Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


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Camp Taylor


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Jamie Young
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April, 2009
M. Ellis
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August, 2009

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