[1] 21st REGT. O. V. U. S. A.
Col. J. S. Norton
Co. E
remember me when this
you see nor think i have
forgotten the loved
one at home

Camp in the woods eight miles
from athens Ala June the 7th 1862
Dear and beloved wife iagain take
up my pen tolet you know whare
iam and how iam getting along iam
well and in good health irecieved
aletter from you today and was glad
to here from you again and to learn
that you ware all well for it
would give me grate trouble to
know that anny of you ware sick
and i couldnot come and see you
you letter brought mournful
inteligance to me in the deth
[page 2]
a beloved Sister this was verry
unexspected news to me some
two or three weeks ago i had a
dream about sutch high water
and i thought then that iwould
hear of the deth of Some of my
friends and it caused me a grate
del of trubble iwas affraid of
that it would bee some of you
if you Should dy whilst iam
in the army my peace and
happiness in the world would
bee at an end for you and
the children was are the
ondly ones that can ever possess
my hart in this world you
Said that had walked to new [2]
ville i think that you are
alearning to bee a soldier and
learning to martch you ought
to hav hired a conveyance
to go with i dont want you to
make a drudge of your self
to save money i love you
better than i do money and
can Spare that better than
you you will make your
Self Sick in that way iam afra[id?]
afraid donot over exirt your
Self to save money the [at?]
letter that you Sent with math
Scot i never got [i yet?] the one that
you Sent with the foure Stamps
in and they came verry good itell
you and the one igot today had
Seven Stamps in and i am verry
thankful toyou for them you
wanted me to come home when
we are paid of[f] again i will come
if i can get a furlow and if i dont
come you will know that it is
knot my falt for i want to
See you So bad it would do me
agrateeel of good to bee with you
afiew days and get you
Some wood choped you must
[page 3]
hire your wood chopped and
donot chopit your Self it is
to mutch for you ishould like
to bee free from this war and
at home and i would tell them
of their promasess to keep you
in wood the lying pups after
this i will take your advise i
think that you can see further
ahead than i can can and i will
always do as you want me to do
you must forgive me this time
i hartly repent and ask your
forgivness we are to bee paid off
next week this is Satterday tomorrow
will bee alonsom day with you
i wish i could bee their to spend
the day with you ihavnot got a
letter from John Since we left
nashville you must right often
as you can to me i right every week
that short furlow that you spoke of is
not So good as along one they ondly do
mischief LB Wort to SG Wort

  1. Printed at the top of the page
  2. Newville, Indiana, a few miles NW of Hicksville
  3. At the top of pages two and three, upside down
June 7, 1862


Co. E, 21st Ohio Inf.
Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


Residence (County): 
Defiance County, OH


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Jamie Young
Transcription Date: 
April, 2009
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2009

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