June tha 6 1863
Dear sister i onst more take up my pen
To Drop you afew lines to let you no that
i am well at present and hope and
and pray to god that you and your
Dear famley are in tha good helth that i am
i re seved [1] your kind leter you Dropt for me
and was glad To here from you and your
Dear litle childern wich i Dream of often
in my sleap wen all a round me is still
Dear sister ile bet you no that all my
trubels are a bout my famley that i
left bee hind me to morn at ther far
a way father i can not help but
weap for my Dear child that I
left bee hind me me but i hope
and pray that god will pro vid for
tham and care for tham
you rote that John Shall [2] sed whe
had a fite whe had a curmish
with tha rebs whe kild nine of tham
whe Did not loose one man but
tha thirteenth pensilvania calvery
lost three or fore men that was all
tha rebs run in tha mountian
[page 2]
i was working one tha fortications to Day
and wen i came to camp [there?] was too of
our compneys had went out one a [cout?]
Dubel quick time and a bout seven
o clock whe hard that tha got in a fite
and tha run too more compneys out
after tham i can not rite mutch tha
ex citement in camp is too grate tha ex
spect a fite here every minit last
nite tha pickets ware shouting at severl
picket post in tha morning a bout fore
o clock tha long role beat tha bays all
wor out in line of batle to meat tha
rebs whe staede in line one our than
whe stack our gus guns and got our
breck fest tha rebels Did not com
tha boys gust com from thare [cout?]
gust as i was riting theas few lines
tha rebs cap turd our wagon trane
took twenty horses fore prisernes
of our brigade our compney was out
af ter tham but tha Did get tham
our calvery is out yet i think tha
will get tham to nite tha after
tham hot i must close my leter
now remain your brother Abraham Smith
comp. A 87 virginia
Direct your leter wim chester frederic county
[page 3]
Here is a list of our compney tha many
of tha livin and Ded

  1. re seved = received
  2. neighbor John Schall
June 6, 1863


Co. A, 87th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
York County, PA


Name Variant: 
“Dear sister”
Residence (County): 
York County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Rachel Flynn
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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