Camp near Richmant
Nov 27 1864
My dear friend
I take the present opportunity
to inform you that I am
midling well at present hoping
these few lines may reach you
enjoying better health I have
not mutch to tell you more
than there was a man shot
on the 25 I [wish?] you could have been
here to see it I was about 20
steps from him it was a hard
sight to se there were thousands
uppon thousands of soldiers in the
field and there will be two more
shot before long for fucking
a negro the one that was shot
had deserted to the rebs and back
again and wanted to go again
and futher I received you letter
dated 21 this morning but I did
not received the box nor the
[page 2]
receipt & I would like to
have it for my shoes are bad
when it rains I get wet feet
and that I dont like I would
sooner have a wet cock & by
your letter I think you dont
know where Gingrich is he has
left about thre weeks he is in
the hospital at Ft Monroe and
I cant tell where Henry Brandt
is but in the hospital and I
dont know what ails him I
heard Gingrich had the
brunchittis I seen a white
woman the other day & my cock
raised his head we see once & a
while a woman but of the
charcoal complection and my
cock dont raise at them the
was verry cold here for the past
but is milder again I dont
know if we will stay here over
winter or not we hear we will
[page 3]
got to South Carolina or
Philladelphia I wish they would
take us way here so that we get
more to eat and not so mutch
work to do we think the was
will soon be over there is not
much fighting done here more
than picket firring but some
time back we were taken out
everry night about two oclock
and it rained awful hard the
rebs were triing to come over at
the left of us they thought
such rainy nights the yankeys
would be assleep but they were
mistaken I think there will
be a fight before long on the
James River the cannal is done
and the monitors & iron clads are
ascending the River I think
I must stop for I am verry
nerves so no more at present
but still remain my friends
[page 4]
tell the folks to write to
me I write pretty often
but I think they do not
receive them I wrote to you
but you did not receive it
and about my potograph I
would have sent it but
I could not get it taken
yet but when I get to
deep botom I think I can
get it that is about four miles
distant and I must go
on guard I am on camp
guard and it rains
Amos Breneman
Yours Truly
Abrm H Good

November 27, 1864


Co. H, 203rd Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Lancaster County, PA



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Michael Ellis
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September, 2012
Michael Ellis
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September, 2012

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