[1] Sleepy Creek Station
June 11th 1862

Dear Wife
We are back to our
old place again and it make me
[fe?]el more like home as we were dr[a]wen [2]
[aw?]ay by Jacksons army . and we
retreated to South Branch Station
on the railroad the way the news
came was the workman coming up
on the cars and they said that the
Rebel General Jacksons army was
on us and we would have to move
and that was sunday morning afte
the Battle we counted 45 Locomotives
that left Martinsburg and passed up
here. and on there way to Cumberland
and that night we stationed the men
on the Island and some all through
the country so as to tell of any were
coming and monday morning
we were ready for to retreat as we
[page 2]
took our tents down and pretty soon
the train came and we were all
on Board and we retreated 240 on
the track and we encamped righ[t?]
on the side of a [h?]ill and the first
night we were there the [ickets began
to fire and then we were all called
into a line of Battle and then [??]
waited to see the enemy appraoch
and they came not and we then
went to bed and and we staid
at that place exactly one week
and then we came Back to our old
place again we have our tent right
under a large maple tree and we are
in the shade all the time . and we have
a floor in the tent as nice as there are in
any house so we have the best tent
in the Regiment. so we live comfortable
to morrow we get paid and I will send
the money by adams Express again and
you can go to Harrisburg after it
again well this all the news at present

  1. This letter appears to have been written for Barr by someone else
  2. Damage in left margin of page
June 11, 1862


Co. F, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Dauphin County, PA


Residence (County): 
Dauphin County, PA


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Michael Ellis
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September, 2012
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