[1] Dear Father Dec 29th 1862
I take the
present opportunity to
let you know that
I am enjoying perfect
good health hoping
these few lines may
find you and
all the rest enjoying
similar blessings
Further I let you
know that we
had a narrow
escape yesterday
but I got safe out
of the scrape we
were attacked by the
Rebels about 6 miles on
the other side of the
Occaquan River and
had to retreat and
[Page 2]
we retreated back accross
the river and we seen
that their force was
to strong and we were
driven back 14 miles
to this side of
River and they camped
about 8 miles from where
we did this morning
however they took
another course and
went towards Fairfax
so we are safe at present
But about half of our
company is missing
the rebel force was
about 8000 men infantry
Cavalry and artillery
and our force was
only 500 cavalry and
I dont believe that we
brought back 250 men
[Page 3]
I seen a horse fall that
was shot dead under
the man but I did
not see what be come
of the man as I went
on in such a rate that
I could not see how
it went and about
Cyrus Engle I think he
is safe also as he was
seen retreating about
[?] miles this side of
where we are now I
think probably that
he is at Alexandria
about 6 miles farther
ahead than where we
are which would make
him still safer I hope
to see him one of these
days this is all that
I can write about
these matters at present
so no more at present
hoping to hear from
you soon I am your
most Dutiful son etc.
Peter Boyer
my best
respects to all inquiring
friends and you will
oblige your son
P Boyer

  1. This letter was probably written for Boyer
December 29, 1862


Co. C, 17th PA Cavalry (162nd PA Vo.)
Residence (County): 
Lancaster County, PA


Name Variant: 
“Dear Father”
Residence (County): 
Lancaster County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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