Head,quarters Near , Falmouth, va.
Febuary the 23rd 1863
Sister Cynthia I take this opertunity to rite
afew lines to let you now that I am
well at presand, and I hope these few
lines will find you injoying the same
Blessing. Cynthia I received your kind leter
last Night Just at Beed time and was glad
to hear from you and hear that you was
well and your little Boys I should like to see
you and the little Boys but I Cant say as
I ever shall but I hope I shall and I
hope the time is not far off, Cynthia we have
had the most snow fall Night before last then
has fell sence I have been in the survice it would
made good sleighing if they hadent been so messy
of uncles Sams wagens to ware it out } the
Neighbours dont have eny thing like a Cutter
or Bobs Sleads hear } it has been verry Cold
hear for two or three days
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Cynthia you spoke about my comming
home on afurlow, I dont have no anxity to
Come home at the presant time although
they are granting furlows to the army of
the potomac there has some gone home out
of our regiment alredy Cynthia I received
a letter from Omar and laura the 18 of this
month } it has been some time sence I have
had aletter from Simon I have had three
letters from him Sence he has been
in the survice Jo is agoing to make
Som molasses to eat on Som warm Bread
for dinner } We are agoing to have some
warm Bread, molasses, Beens, pork, Coffee vinegar
pepper for Dinner and what do you
think of that } I hope Simon has as good
as that } Cynthia do you now whether Simon
has been payed sence he has been in the
survice yet or not I have rote to him to see but
I hant received no answer from him yet I hope
he has been payed for it hant verry plesant to
Be in the survice With out pay or money
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Cynthia you sed that I had
Better look out or I mint loose my self
in the mud for you heard that Jerry dubert
did git in the mud up to his hips }
Dont werry about me loosing my self in the
mud for when Jerry gits stuck in the mud I Can
go in where he is and shoulder him and Carry
him out I saw Jerry and Charls Wood not
but afew days ago Charls thought that I
had growed agood deal sence I had left
home Cynthia the talk is that the
president is going to make another draft
I hope he will and fetch all them that can
site a gun and settle this terible war at
once Simon is better off now then he would abeen
if he had been to home and had to stand
this draft for now his time is over one third
gon and he will Be to home sooner then he would
if he had been to home now and had to go
there hant much news to rite this time
When you answer this letter I want you to
tell me all that is going on in that plase
[page 4]
and all that is going on
in [Tole?]town Omar sed that
Moars folks dident agree with
the Neighbores in Toletown had oneother
By the ears as usal the Boys is Snowballing
to day for the Snow packs verry good
Cynthia I am glad to hear that mother
has got some one to Live with her and
glad to hear that she is in such good
health and so verry fleshey tell michael
that I think it is about time that he Should
Drop afew lines to me But I will have
to excuse hime this time for I suppose it takes
the most of his time to take care of the girls
for Boys Cant Be as plenty as they ust to Be

Cynthia you must excuse my
poor riting and my poor spelling
for I have a verry poor plase to rite
I have to take my paper on myknee
and then rite as well as I Can and you
must read it if you can So I Will
have to draw my letter to a close
rite as soon as you git this with
out fail so good By from

George B Crandall
To Cynthia Crandall

yours ever affectionat
Brother rite soon

February 23, 1863


Co. C, 2nd Regiment United States Sharpshooters
Residence (County): 
Bradford County, PA



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September, 2013
M. Ellis
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September, 2013

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