Collage Green Barrax annapolas md
October the 1the 1863
Dear friend mother it is with plesure
for me to sit down and inform you
that I am still alive and I hope
these few lines will find you well
and all the rest of the folks mother
I ritten to you yesterday and put in for all
the money I Wanted But I Will mention
for the same amount in this leter for
fear you mint fail to Git the first one
I Want you to write as soon as you Git this
letter and dont fail put five Dollars in Green
Backs in one letter and Write another letter the
same thime and put three dollars of Good
money in it eather on Chemming Canal Bank
or Waverly Bank and dont fail fer I am
in need of money verry Bad for I hant got one cent
to my name and as poor as asnale I Weigh
101 lbs I was a prisoner three months and
Was starved all the time
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mother I am pretty hard up We started
from richmond last tuesday morning and we
arrived hear to annapolos md Yesterday september 30
the rebs took evry thing away from us except
just the Cloths that Coverd our hide I had
ten dollars that I hid away from them
and took it on Bell island and spent it for
smthing to eat mother if eny of you
have Got eny poor money on Broken Bank
or Counterfit write me aletter and send it
to me for I Want it to pass of[f] on the
rebels and Git my money Back from
them [???] mother dont fail to write
to me and send me the money that I have
ritten for the reason I want you to put
it in to letters is for fear one mint not Come
through tell all my folk that I Will
write to them Just as soon as I Can Git
money to By some ink and paper and pens
I had to Begg this from the people
mother you Git some Good plain writer
to Back the letters for you so it Can
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Bee read plain I Will put
the Directions down hear as plain as
I Can and you put it down the same
George M. Crandall
Collage Green Barrax annapolas md
Co C 2nd regt USSS
Parolled Prisoner

mother this parolled prisoner is put on the
Bottom so the letter wont go to the regiment
it is in the plase of putting Washington DC
on the Bottom mother I Cant write
much for this is a barred pen and ink
Now mother you must rush me that money
as soon as you Can Git it redy to send
so Good By from your Son
George M Crandall
To matilda Crandall

October 1, 1863


Co. C, 2nd Regiment United States Sharpshooters
Residence (County): 
Bradford County, PA



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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
July, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2013

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