Getis burgh Sunday July 12
Friends at home I arrived here
to day about 2 Oclock P.M. all Safe
[and sound?] being some 2 days
behind the Regiment I laid over
2 days at Benders ville sick at
the house of Dr. M[ummas?] and I
was well take care of his wife is a
Quaker and a very fine Lady I was
quite sick but I am well now again
I was not the only one got sick in
our Company some of[?????]
[?]paper town sick [????] at
Harrisburgh It is not mutch
wonder that some of us got sick
we left Harrisburgh on Tuesday [??]
to get the cars for Carlisle arrived
at Carlisle about 5 oclock P.M. we then got
out and marched a place called
paper town 6 or 7 miles from [Carlisle?]
we laied in the church yard and
[page 2]
a nice place it was to at that
for the water was stand ing in pudles
Shoe mouth deep we lade down
and couvered our Selves with our
blankets 2 of us laid to gather
then we had 4 blankets 2 woolen
ones and 2 oilcloth ones about mid
night it commenced to Rain like like
Fury and in the morning the Camp
was swiming I left about 3 oclock
and went and laid down on a porch
and Some of the Boys stay till day light
and was completely soaked about
8 oclock the Colonel gave orders to fall in
to ranks and it was Raining as hard
as it could well but the men got
out and fell in to Rank if it
did [rain?] we then tried to march
to a up a gap in the South Mountain
toGtis burgh but the Rain had
Swelled the Streams so mutch that we
could not cross after marching about
a mile had to march back and
had to wad water 3 foot deep
[page 3]

So fast did the Creek rais that only
afiew minuts before we Crossed
and the water was not more than
2 inches deep we had not Crossed
more than 10 minuts till the
Bridg swim off we then went
in to Quarters in the gap tavern
as wet as drownded Rats
it is alarge house you may know
when a Regiment of men
could get in to it quite handy
it is not ocupied the ocupants
fled on account of the Rebles after
Layin there about 2 hours we started
again for Getis burg by another route
Some 7 miles farther than the first
on this Road we had to wade mud
and water a foot deep for a
Stretch of a quarter of a mile or nerely
and waded the Creeks on account of
the Bridges being swep a way
we marched to Pine Grove and there
we camped for the night the Next
day we went to Getisburg
It was a terible hard march for green
[page 4]
troops and some of the men that
was under McClellen on the
Penninsulas Said it wasent any
harder Well I have given you
a short account of our much
but to give a good account wold take
[???] more time & paper than [I have?]
got to spare at present Cumberland
Valley is the Nicest Country that I
ever seen The Grain is dead
ripe and very litle is in shock yet
on the Road downe we had plenty to
eat the people come out [?????]
and if we was not so luckey to
get any all we had to do was ask
for it the Rebs made a clean
sweap of things in some places
They took any thing they Could lay
their hands upon they took
a mans Harrow and went in
the Garden & took the hoes and
the Wagons that was captured was
loaded with all most evry thing
that could be turn to use even
childrens Cloths this Monday Morning
as I believe it is our company is put

July 12, 1863


Co. D, 36th Pennsylvania Militia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Juniata County, PA


Name Variant: 
“Friends at home"
Residence (County): 
Juniata County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
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