March 26th 65
Bermuda Point
Dear wife it is with pleasure
I again seat my self to write you a
few lines I am well and I hope these
lines may find you and the childern
injoying good helth and in good hart
we are hers at this place yet [?] [?]
got letters from home and sed we had
gon to south[c]arlina and tennesee
and every other place but it is not
sow we still remain here at bermuda
front we are comfortable here we
have a cabbin like [collers?] to stay in
when we are out on picket we
have no selter then that comes
about every third night then
we have five in the rifle pitts
we have incouring reports here every
day that the rebellion will soon
come to a close we all hope and pray
that it may be so and I trust
you will all at home pray for it to
[Page 2]
it is reported here that sherodan [1]
is crossing the river to day with
his armey and going to join
Sherman and cut off here [2]
soplies and then they must fight
or surender and now I wood ask
you my dear wife how often you
have rote to me as I only have
got one letter from home since
I left home and that was
dated the 5 of march and this is
sunday the 26 and nothing since
the time is very long here if I
Cant here from home every week or two
altho I look every mail for aletter now
we are far from each other I am about
five or six hundred miles from home
and i think mutch about home
i still try to keep in good hart and I pray
daily every opportunity for grace and streng
th from on hy that I may be contented
ands pray mutch for you and the
Childern that good may bless you
[Page 3]
and keep you in good hart and I
feel happy to nou that you are
remembering me at home in your
prayers I hope the childern will still
be good and then you can all be kind
to each other tell the childern to be
good to each other and pray to god that
he may bring pap back safe to
them again I have comforted my
self with reading that one letter
I have red it over maby fifty times
and still read it I think you
have rote more then once but by
some means I have not got them
yet molly molly my dear dont forgit
to rite often you dont nou what
Comfort this one letter has ben to
me wilst I am far from home and
cannot se home I was at preaching
the other night in camp and I injoyed
my self verry well and when the
preacher was preying he told us to
look to the lord in faith for
[Page 4]
our welfare in a dangerous
land he sed nodoupt our
loved ones at home was on there
nees offering up there petition
to god for our protection in a
dangerous land and that moment my mind
was cared [3] home I thought my dear
wife and childern mite being a
ged praying for me it was
about 9 oclock at night
I felt happy remembered you all
in my prayer let me nou
how you are getting along with
wood and feed and if eny body
Chopt wood for you yet and what
is going on as far as you no
I now must close
I give you into gods care who
is able to keep you safe at all
times good your affection husband
F W Benson
[page 5]

Mar 27 65
Monday morning
still later and good noone
I received your letter this morning
and a happy reception it was I had ben
looking ancious for something
from home I thank god this
morning that you are all well
and pray that god may still
bless you with good health
we belong to an old ridgement
it is not nssary to send them
papers we have more then we can read
your letters dus me more good
then eny reading I can get of
paper kind that and the
testament dose me the most
good to read I hope this rebelian
will soon close and we may
get home this somer sometime
god is workeing every thing
for good tell Ellie I am glad
she is learning to read I like to
here she is a good girl
[Page 6]
if it is lonesome there
pray and be in good hart
there is two much company
here I wood be happy to
be there now that wood be
Company anough for me to
be whare you are tell
Marta Emma and Lissie and Ellie
all to be good and not cross to
each other and be good to mother
and pray for pap I pray
much for you and childern
and for my return to you
here is a package of scribled paper
it is porely rote and spelt
no chance to rite here I must close
by commiting to gods care
good by your affectionate
husband F W Benson

  1. Gen. Phil Sheridan
  2. here = there
  3. cared = carried
March 26, 1865


Co. E, 107th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
Bermuda Point


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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