April 6th 1865
Dear Husband
I received two letters from you
last saturday evening April 1st I was very
glad to hear you are well and hope and pray
you may remain so I have not been so well
for a few days I have a bad cold and the
wild fire but I have got it sttopped and feel
quite well again Emma and Lizzy have had
the croup and are very weak Ellie is well Martha
is at school to day the lane is so bad I shall not
let them go there is only 4 days school we have
had a great deal of rain this week to day
the weather is beautiful and hope it may remain
so I feel so lonesome when it rains the birds are
singing and flying about to day it makes me feel
quite happy this must not put you out of
heart since you hear we are sick you
know we are nearly well again I did not
forget to write you know I could not write
untill I got a letter from you to know where to
direct mine I got two the 4th of march and wrote
you one the 5th the next I wrote 15th march
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and the next 31st March this makes
the fourth letter I have written the
roads were so bad I could not send
letters to the office until lately you must
not think I have forgotten you how can we
forget we are talking or thinking or dre-
aming about you all the time we just
received the news last night that Grant
and Sherman have taken petersburg
and richmond that is joyful news
indeed it makes me think the Lord
has heard our prayers and is bringing
this war to a close it would be the happ
iest day of my life to see you return
home again it is my constant prayer
that we may see you soon only keep in
good heart our prayers will be answ
ered yet in the right time I have great
confidence in God’s promises he is all my
comfort when I am lonely or in trouble
I dont get out of heart you must not
thinks so we have every comfort a good
place to stay and kind neighbors and hope you
will soon come home to us I have made
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garden it is growing nicely and I have
some apples put away for you till
you come home if you need anything
from home send me word you shall
have it if it can be had I was thinking
of sendinding some things now but
there is no chance of getting it to the railroad
now people are so busy I cant tell you much
about the draft they have not made up
all their men yet in my next I will
tell you more about it I have plenty of
wood yet some of that you chopped yet
we have been gathering these nice days
I got some chopped and got that wheat
you set out at the mill we have plenty of
flour and good meat it is put away nicely
we have plenty of eggs now and a fresh cow
I only wish you had some the children are
good and send their love to you they pray for
you much and are sure you will come home soon
dont forget us in your prayers I know you will not
for we need your constant prayers write often
always cheers me up to hear your letters you must
always think we are well you will feel
better if dont get hurt or get sick I
shall be very glad but I trust in god to keep
you from all harm and send you
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home safe the grain looks well
here there is a good prospect of a
fine harvest I received six of
your photographs last mail they
look very pretty and natural it
makes me feel lonesome to look at
them Aurandts think they are very
beautiful Emma says there is nothing
ails her now she is sitting in the big
chair rocking herself Liz is in the cradle
rocking herself and ellie is in bed resting
herself Martha has not come from
school yet keep in good heart
trust in god and write often
we will get along well I feel as
if god was taking care of me
and my dear Husband and children
it is nearly 4 oclock and I must
take this down to Fouses yet they
are goint to the office I must close for
this time I will write next mail if
I am spared and now I must
bid you good bye I give you in gods care
Fare well till we shall meet again Mary Benson

April 6, 1865


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


Co. E, 107th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To Municipality: 
To Note: 
Bermuda Point

Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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