Peters Burg April 12 65
Dear wife I again let you now
I am well I hope you injoy the same
we are in camp neer peters burg and
in good spirits the war seems to
be Cloasing grant has taken lee
and his armey you have that by
the paper lees army is [?] taken
the oath of eleagence to raise airms
against the government no more and
sending them home we think the
war will Cloase soon and I hope to see
you all before another ear and maby
soon some thinks we will be dis
Charged sooner and others say [?] we
will be at home by the fourth of
July my prayer is that god may
grant it so I dont say I am tired of the
army altho I wood much rather be at
home with my family the time seems
long to see you but the prospect we
[Page 2]
Have of geting home this somer is
very plesant to me I feel in good hart
I hope you are all well at home and
in good hart and still pray for the
end of rebelion that it may sink to
rise no more I think that is the condi
tion of it now we dont expect to get
in battle eny more we are in cide the brest
works at Peters Burg it is worme here
the lieves is out every thing is growing
tell the Childern to be good and dew the
work for mother so she keeps well and
be kind to each other little Childern must
not disagree it is mutch Comefort to
me to still here they are good Childern
bisness is starting up in Peters burg
stores and other bisness that has not
ben there for some thime the people in
this place and in town is fed by the
goverment a commesary appointed and
thousands go thare every day to get rashins
I thank god it is not so with you at home
thankful out we to be for the blessing we injoy
[Page 3]
still later April the 13 65

raining all last night and this
morning and again I think of you at
home whare my hart is and my desire
is to be but I must wate gods own
time then I will Come safe home to you
again let us keep in good hart and
pray much god will bring all things
right I pray daily for you that god
may comfort you and take Care of
you and [k?]eep you from sickness and grant
you his grace for your Cumfort
still Continue to pray without Ceasing
for my return god has promest if two
of us agree he will grount in faith he
will grant our request if we ask in faith
and I trust we due Mollie you and the
Childern all pray for my return and I
to pray much for that time and god
will bring the time soon that our
prayrs will be answered and again we
will meet each other at home happy
will be the time and soon may it Come
[Page 4]
We have a plesant place here now
two weaks back it has ben a rough
place it looked hard when we
Came here first hard battles has ben
fought here two weeks back and
hard sights was seen [?] here in these brestworks
which I Cant explain new I dont want
to draw your mind or my own to these
hard seens now let us fix our minds
on beter things and pray for a time to
talk to gether the news is good from
all parts of the southern states
the war must now must Close I think
I must Close I Commit you my dear
wife and Childern in gods care who is
abel to take Care of you trust in him
nothing more but remains your affectionate
husband good by
F W Benson
[written upside down bottom Page 4]
I have rote every weak to you and
you should have a leter every mail
and if not they are mislaid I wood like
you to here every weak and I still will
rite every weak and you rite often
I havent had eny sence the 31 I received
those from home I will fetch Ellie a cracker
wen I Come home be a good girl and pray for
pap good by dear

April 12, 1865


Co. E, 107th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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