[1] the
May 5 1865 the New York Branch of
30 Bible House, New York.
Send this as the Soldier’s Messenger to his home,
Let it haste to these who wait for tidings.

Dear wife …..Co….Regt……Div……..Army Corps.
I seat myself to day to let you know that
I am purty well to day I had not ben
well for two or three days I was sick at the
stomache and headache I am knou well
and I hope when you receive this you
and the Childern may injoy good health
we still remain here at norkat norfolk
we have ben looking for orders to go to
Washington I think we look more
anchious because we wood like to leeve
this place we dont like it here the
wather is not good it is not healthy
we wood like to move to Washington or
philadelphia it wood be Comeing more
towards home it seems to go easy when
we go that way it is hard to tell we may
haf to lay here sometime yet some think
think we may get home till [2] the forth
of July but I Cant tell yet how it may
be I hope it may happen purty soon
[Page 2]
its worme to day with thunder
showers every thing that is here to
grow looks green we see no grane
growing in this Country it looks
lonesome and un natcheral to see
land and nothing growing on it
I have not had enny letter from you
Cence I got your sixth letter dated
the 14 I look for one tomorrow or next
day I hope to here you and Ellie and
all the Childern are all well once more
I spend all my spare time in reading
and praying for you and the Childern
that God will take Care of you and
bless you with helth I know he will
he will here our prayers when we umble
our selves before him I nou he hears
me I am shore he will bring me back
safe to you let us still continue to
pray God will answer our prayers in
the right time keep in good hart I
pray much for and the Childern I knou
God will hear our prayers
[Page 3]
Tell Martha and Emma Lisea and Ellie
all to be good God loves good little Childern
he will watch over them when they sleep
and take Care of them when they wake
I knou they will be good Childern and
be kind to Mother wen pap is gone mother
has nobody to dew enything or be kind
to here but her little Childenn
Dear little childern be good to each other and kind
to your mother and still pray for pap and
God will bring me home to you he
will take Care of us all
I see in your letter heard some of us
was misting it is not so thiere is 2 or 3
is sick in the hospittle and it is no
pity for such men they got thare
disease at Harrisgurg going doun and
sutch men shood be sick dont let
them reports troble you it is often
done to make you trouble Fouses got
a letter from home stated they had
heard the was all kild dont mind
them home tales
[Page 4]
I am glad you all felt beter
the morning you finished your
letter I am glad also you slept
well I dont sleep verry every night
the bed is two hard sometimes
when I get home I will abed to
sleep in I glad when I here you
are well and Can sleep well
I here the small pocks is bad in
some places in the township
if it is the Case and you think
thare mite be enny danger of you
or the Childern ketching them
I wood like if you wood get wintrode to
Come over and vaxinate you and the
Childern he will not Carge verry hie
it wood be a wonderful thing to have
them in the famley wen I am not at
home if thare is eny danger dont mind
the Cost you be the judge I must Close
I give you and Childern in God care
he will take Care of you and me
his merciful eye is watchn over us at
all times he will be back safe to you
I bid you good by dear wife and Childern
for ashort time F W Benson
excuse this bad riteing and spelling
I have a hare Chance to rite here I take use
paper on my knee

  1. Written on U. S. Christian Commision stationary
  2. till = by, before
  3. Written upside down bottom margin page 4
May 5, 1865


Co. E, 107th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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