Norfolk Town May 11 65
Dear wife I received your 8 letter to
day I was much relieved to here from
you I am very glad indeed to know
you are well and getting along well
I am glad state to you that I am well
at present our ridgement was detald
today by Companys to go in to town
we dont like town duty verry well
I think it will soon play out I hope so
our Camp was 2 mile out of town we
Came to town to day the day is worme
we have hot wether here we mite have
some heat if you Could have it thare
I am glad you and betsy and sary and
and oald tobe has turned out wood hall
ers Martha and Emma is making good
boys I hope if they Can go to the store
and dew bisness for you Ellie and Elisa
will be your house keepers and Mother
must set in the big Chair
[Page 2]
your seventh letter has not Come to
hand I havenot got it yet I didnot
get eny since your 6 letter dated the 14 of apri
today I got your 8 letter dated May 4th
if you Can send them to Martins
burg they Cum much sooner Fouses
gets them much sooner from thare
one of your letters was Aat bruce 8 days
before it was mald I mite ove had it
in 8 days this last one I got in 7 days
your 7 letter I may get it yet in a day
or two Aurandts is a little Careless
dont say enything about it
about three weeks ago I sent a letter
home with 6 dollars Pennsylvania
money in it it dont pass here
let me nou if you got it
I sent for 3 or 4 dollars of money
sometime ago I hope you got the
letter and maby you have sent
it by this time I need it purty
bad we dont get anuff to eat when
we move about
[Page 3]
we did not get eny pay yet we
we may get pade before long and if
we should be discharged enyways soon
we may not be pade till that time
I am verry glad you got somebody to
help you with your hard work I
think it is the very way to be savin
for you to take Care of your health at
this time I am much pleased with
it only take good Care I pray much for
you that God will take care of you
and keep you in good hart you and the
Childern are sick to see me I have the
same Complaint to see you I think
the time long to see you indeed I hope
God will overrule things so I may get
home before long I seat my self this
morning to finish letter it has raind
all night this morning is Could and wet
I think of home this morning I wood like
to be thar but so it is I look to God
in faith for a beter time to Come or a
happy time after I get home to you my dear wife
[Page 4]
We think of geting home till [1]
harvest eny how and maby sooner
I hope so some think we will get home
sooner others think not and some
think we must stay our time out
but I am in good hopes we will be
dis Charged the fore part of this
sumer we must still have good faith
and pray much God will bring me
home soon I think I think much of
you and the Childern and long to be
at home with you I pray much
every day for you and the childern
and give you in Gods Care he will
take Care of you and bring me safe
home to you tell Ellie I will Try to get
a ring for here the Childern are all
I sepose and kind to Mother and
good to each other and still pray for pap
that God will take Care of him and
bring him safe home soon I must close
I give you all in Gods Care he will take
Care of you my dear wife and Childern
I bid you good by for a short time
your affectionate
husband F W Benson

  1. till = by, before
May 11, 1865


Co. E, 107th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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