Norfolk Sity june 8 65
Dear wife i set down this evening
to write you a few lines i am well
at this time and i hope this may
find you injoying the same blessing
we still stay at norfolk garding
the City gale [1] this is not hard
but i am geting tiard of it the less
we have to dew the harder it gose
i dont like to work much here i wood
much rather work at home some
time soon altho we mite be
disappointed yet but i hope not
we may haf to stay 2 or 3 months yet
some think the last of this month
we will be discharged and others think
not we Cant tell yet how it will
be i pray much for the time to
Come soon that i may get
home to injoy your Company
[Page 2]
my injoyments is not here they
are at home i wood like to be
thare i still hope God has
the time appointed not far
distant i am like you i dream
of home and thought i was thare
and then i was disappointed
I think much about you and the
Childern i hope to see you soon
you think of getting Mackerel
i am verry willing for you to
get them enything you wish
to have no mater what if it Can
be had get it I wish you to have
ennything and every thing you
want and if it wood even be mee
you wood wish to have I wood like
you Could have me and i still
hope it will not be long before you can
have my Company my prayer
is the time may Come soon
let us pray in faith and trust
in God and it all Come wright soon
[Page 3]
your letter and the Childerns
Came to hand the other day
and I was verry glad to here from
you that you was well at the
time of writing I trust in God
you still remain in good health
I got two letters from you sience you
sent the one with the five
dollars that one has not Come
and I dont look for it enny more
dont troble your self about it all
will be right in the end we must
bild our hopes on things above
that Cannot be taken from us
we have sent hour over Cots home
Fouses boys Hoover and me the
Box was sent David Fouse and
he will send it over to the mill
and Fouses will get it thare then
you Can get my things thare
my over Coat is marked on the back
F W B under the Cape shirt and
socks and my letters you have rote
me sent them home to save them
[Page 4]
the letters seald up and backed
to you they are all folded in my
gome [3] blanket and a paper on it
with your name on it and my boots
with a paper and my name on it
3 things over Coat boots and the
gome blanket with things folded
in it the gome blanket will
make you a good shall to go out
when it rains I still have one for
my youse
[2] Ellies ring I must try and get for here if I Can

yess we have nats here they
Bite me this morning two bad
they keep my hands all sore
the wether is verry hot here
in day time the nights is Cool
well Mother you say you long
to see me I think some times
I must start and Come home
some days I think I can not stand
it I must start and Come home
O may the time soon Come I
pray when I Can come home
when I Can see Mother and Chil
dern once more I must Close
Dear wife and Childern I give you
in God Care he will take Care
of you good dear wife for a short
time F W Benson

This is my
last paper
and envelopes
and stampes
every thing
is plade out
and I hope
my time of
service will
soon play
out two
tell the
to still
be good to
fare well

  1. gale = jail
  2. written upside down
  3. gome = gum
  4. Written sideways in top margin of page 1
June 8, 1865


Co. E, 107th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Blair County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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