Fort Murey
April 24th 65
Dear cosin
I have seated my self
this evening with penn and
ink to write you a fiew lines
in answer to yower letter which
was received some time a gow and
i was glad to here from yow all
Alf answered the letter the same
day and as news is scarce i thought
i would wait a while sow i
will try and give yow the news
as well as i can wee are all getting
u long firstrait wee are putting
in an easy time here yet for
the last to weakes wee have been
fishing and playing ball the
half of our time the edge ofve
the river is covered some days withe
men fishing the oald citizen gows at nite
with [apair?] nets and they can have as many
as they can sell all day wee have all wee went
[page 2]
Wee have drilled none since the
first of this month till the smorning
the major sayed that the boys
was getting to mischievious and
he made the boys all gow on drill
the day but what was on duty
last night is think the way
the rebs is giving up that there
will bee verry little fiting enny
more i hope they will get Johnsons
ermmy noet it is reported that
him and Davis is making for Texas
since the surrender of mosbys men &
there has been a good manny of
sheridons troops left the v vally
it was reported that the 14th the cav was
at camp distributun yesterday i
dont now how true it is i think
that if they are there some of theme
will bee here if they can get a pas
the oald camp is a bout eight mile
from here but it has been moved
since we wos there and i dont now where
it is now
[page 3]
There is all prospects of this summer
ending this wor it is to bee hoped
that there will bee now more fiting
and piece once more restroed i think
that if they had Johnsons and his
army that they would have to give
up there is a good many thinks
that wee will bee dis charged bee fore
our time is out but there is now body
nows who will bee dischared nor where the
enny body till after our time is [in?]
i think that if wee had not met
with the missfortune that hapend our
president that there would been more
hopes of getting home our rejoicing was soon
turned to mourning it was a shock to a
most every boddy it please some of the
oald seseshionsta round here they have put
too or thre in the gardhouse for taking
in booths favor i will send a picture
of Mrs and Mr Loncoln ate the tine he
was shot and the postion booth was in at
the time he shot lincoln the paper
[page 4]
Man said he would fetch some
to morrow if he could get them
and if he fetches mee one i will
send it to Mary. i must close for
the present hoping to here from you soon
you can tell Frank he will have to
excuse mee i hate to write to bad
I send my respects to all the friends
sow is will close for the present
Good Bye Cosin Amy Ham
Jas Aggas

April 24, 1865


Battery A, 6th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery


Name Variant: 
“Dear cosin”


From Note: 
“Fort Murey”

Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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