December 11 1864

My Dear Beloved Wife
I take My
penn in hand to inform you
that I am Still amoungst the
land of the living and am well
at preasant and I hope that when
these few lines reaches you that
it May find you all injoying
the Same Blessing and all the rest
of the Boys are well two I like
it furstrate here the people of
this place are verry nice to the
Solgers they treat us verry nice
they give us the Best Dinner I ever eat
evry thing you could mention we
had we are going to have a Big Super
again Be fore long But we are going to
pay fore it we are going to have
wine and cakes and all sich Stuff
[Page 2]
if it Dont fall through and futher
I tell you that that I Stoped
at theadore Willets and got a pair
of Boots and a pair of gloves and
I left My Shoes at Mrs Homses
and I told her that we would
take the house now you can Do as
you please a bout it I Did not
get My letter with that Monney
in yet I Dont Believe that I
will get it us fellows that come
up here last havent got our
Horses yet But we will get them
Before long I wouldent care if we
wouldent get them Before Spring
it is two cold to tend to a horse
in winter when we came from cham
bersburg up here it was awful
Cold But now it is warm and nice
we have furstrate quarters here we are
Camped in the Jale I like it furs
trate I am Begining to like Solgern
Better evry Day I havent got My
[Page 3]
gun yet and I Dont now wether
I will get it or not But I hope
I will Mathias Parthmer [1] and three
ptheres went out on a Scout the
other Day and Brought in three
prisnors we have them loc[k]ed up
in the cells they are tight a nuff
Lutenant gross and his men came
her to Day we are going to Be
mustard to Morrow and futher
I tell you that uncle fred
is coming home next tusday
if he gets off I Believe he has
pemission to go home I wrote
two letters home and I Did not
get enny answer yet I think
it is time that I Bring My
Scribling to a close so no More at
presant So good By remain your
affectionate Husbant give My love
to all My inquiring friends so no more
Dont forget Zachariah Bamberger
write soon Barbara Bamberger
[Page 4]
Direct your letter to Company F 201 Pa
MMc connelsburg Fulton
County Penn

there is a gold penn
in here it was in my penn holder
i Did not no it and I send it home

  1. Cpl. Mathias Parthemore of Co. F
December 11, 1864


Co. F, 201st Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, PA


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
September, 2012
M. Ellis
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September, 2012

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