Mcconelsburg Fulton County Penn
April 4th 1865
My Dear wife
it is with Pleasure that
I set My self Down to Drop you
these few lines to inform you that
I am still amongst the land of
the land of the living and futher I
am well at the Presant time and futher
I hope when these few lines come
to hand they May find you all
injoying the same Blessing and the
rest of the Boys are all well at the
Presant time Horris lighenbarger had Been
Sich at the time that I was sick
he had a soar throat But he is well
now again and futher I will
leave you no that there is a rumor
here that we are to go to the reigment
and that the reigment is ordered to
the front But I Dont think it is
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and I think it is some of these
Coperheads that raised it there is some
rank wons here they Dont like to see us
laying a round here in Pennsylvania they
would like to see the rebbels Come in
here and capture us or kill us they would
glory in that such Men there is here
there is nice Men here to good union
men these rebbels as I call them they
Better not talk to Big or they Might
Might fine out Company F Principals
they Might gut them out Before they leave
here if they aint careful and futher I
will have you no that the inspect
ing general was here a few Days ago to
inspect our Horses and our guns and
our quarters and he said that we had
evry thing in good order and he
said that we was a fine looking set
of men that is the recommondation
he gave us and he said he would
Be a round the last of the Month again
to inspect us so that shows there is no truth in
us going away
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and futher I will leave you no about
something that hapenid up here some time
a go with a young man a couple of miles
from here he was out in the army and the
report come home that he was kiled and
his Parents went out and fetched his
Boddy home and our Boys Buried it By the
oners of war a few Months a go and
the other Day his Parents got a letter from
him that he would be home in a few
Days the rebbels had taken him Prisner
they Berried a nother Mans Boddy in Place
of there sons he got a Decent Berrien enny how
the Boys said when they was Berring
him that they Might not have the right
Boddy and it turned out so
and futher we have nice wether after now
we had a few Days rain But it has
cleard off now and the sun is out nice
and warm I would like to Be home
when you Move I hope you will
have a nice Day when you Move and I
[Page 4]
wish you would leave Me no how you
got a long when you Moved and wether you
Moved in the flat or not I will try to
get a furlow in a few months to come home
if we stay here I Dont no wether I Can or
not But I can try to get it [???] if I am
welcome to come home you said that I wrote you
such a Sassy letter I think you sent wone
that was worse I had nothing in only that
I would not write no More letters till
I got one I had sent four and had
got no answer I Did not no What was the
reason But you said that that the watter
was so high that you Did not get them
till on the 25th of the Month and futher
I would like if your father would look
after that tobaco a little wonst and
a wile so it Dont spoil and you
Can Pay him for it if you get
to town you cant look after it he
is handy there he can see to it a
little thats if you Dont sell it

April 4, 1865


Co. F, 201st Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, PA


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
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September, 2012
M. Ellis
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September, 2012

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