Mcconelsburg Fulton County Penn
May 23 1865
My Dear Wife
it is with Pleasure
that I set My self Down
to Drop you these few lines to
inform you that I am still
amongst the land of the living
and futher I am well at the
Presant and I hope that
when these few lines comes to
hand they May find you all in
joying the same Blessing and futher
the rest of the Boys are all
well at the Presant time and
futher I received your Most
kind and welcome letter on the
23 of May and was glad to hear
from you that you was all well at
[Page 2]
the time you wrote and futher I
received 50 cts in it fifty cents
is what I got you wrote that you
sent Me 75 cents But I
only got 50 I had wrote for 75
cents and you wrote that you
had a notion to send Me ten
cents if you had a sent me ten
cents I would a sent them Back
you wrote that Perhaps I Might
see a pretty girl that I would
like to Buy a stick of candy for
i wouldent Begin with fifty cents
Perhaps you would like to have
ten cents to Buy some if you
wait till Pay Day I will send
it to you and a little More to
it and further you said if I
got a chance I should Buy a
couple of Solger Blankets you will
have to send More than ten cents
if you want a couple of solger
Blankets and futher I expect to
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get home till the first part of the
Month I Dont no wether we will
or not and futher I got a letter
from Alfred Bamberger he is well
or was the time he wrote he thinks
they will be home in a few weeks
he says he wishes he would get
home for they Dont get
More than half rashions he says they
got evry five Days some stinken
old cod fish and he says they stink
like carron he says there general
was put under a rest for seling
there rashions he says it goes
furstrate living on half rashions
and Doing Double Duty so I think
I must Bring My scribling to a
close for this time so no More
But still remain your affecti
onate Husband Zachariah Bamberger
write soon Dont forget it give My
love to all My inquiring friend and
if that Dont Do give them a quarter
& tell them I am well sogood by to
Barbara Bamberger
[page 4]
the other company that is here
is camped out in the field they
have tents if we go away here they Will
get our quarters Some think we will
have to Stay our time out But
I Dont think we will I think
in a couple of weeks we will Be home
the officers all went to chambers
burg last evening and they aint
Back yet I Dont no what they went
after ther is something going on that
we no nothing about So no More
good by to you all
Barbara Bamberger
write soonn Dont Forget it

Zachariah Bamberger
Barbara Bamberger
Newcumberland Zachariah Bamberger
County Penn

May 23, 1865


Co. F, 201st Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, PA


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
September, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2012

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