Mcconnelsburg Fulton County Penn

May 31 1865
My Dear Wife
it is with the greatest
of Pleasure that I set My self Down
to Drop you these few lines to inform
you that I am still amongst the
land of the living and futher I am
Well at the Presant time and
Futher I hope that when these few
lines comes to hand they May find
you all injoying the Same Blessing
and futher the rest of the Boys
are all well at the Presant time
and we was all in good cheer of
getting home But I have Most
give up the notion of getting home
Before our time is up we thought
about the tenth of June we
would get home and get our
Discharge But I Dont think we will
[Page 2]
we heard that the reigment
was in Philadelphia on Sunday
and it was on the way to
Harrisburg to Be mustard out
But we hear to Day that it
went to Fort Delaware to Do
Duty there so I Dont expect
to get out of Service till My
time is out we here that the
officers is trying to keep us in
service I Dont no wether it is
correct or not But they are getting
Big Pay and I gess they will
keep us as long as they can the
Men all wants home Bad there
is nothing for us to Do here we
Do nothing But guard our own
horses and futher I received your
kind and Most welcome letter
yesterday and was verry glad to
hear from you and you stated
in it that William and garry
had the hooping cough that is Bad
[Page 3]
and if you write again leave
me no wether they have it Bad
or not and you wrote somthing
else that I Did not like to hear
But if it is so it is no use
to fret a bout it it is like our
getting out of service if we dont
get out it is no use to fret about it
that is the way with that i hope
it only aint so and futher
I sent you 2 Pictors in a letter
and you never wrote wether you
got them or not I wish you
would write wether you got them
or not I Paid 60 cents [1] for them
I Borrowed the Money and I
gess the fellows would like to
have it But I cant Pay them
i havent the money we Dont
get Paid for so long if you
would Send me a Dollar I would
Pay them But if you havent
it to spare Dont send it
[Page 4]
now Mind if you havent it
to spare Dont send it it is
sixty cents I Paid for the two
and a Dollar I want if you
have it to Spare So I think
I will Bring My Scribling
to a close so no more But
still remain your affectionate
Husband Zachariah Bamberger
Dont forget and write as
soon as Possible give My
Best respects to all My inquiring
friends Barbara Bamberger
Write soon Dont forget it
Zachariah Bamberger
Barbara Bamberger write soon
So good By to you all

  1. 60 cents for them is written twice, once above the other
May 31, 1865


Co. F, 201st Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, PA


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
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September, 2012
M. Ellis
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September, 2012

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