December 14th 1864
Camp In. the Brushe
Deare Wife I seat my self to let
you now that I am with at present
hoping this letter will find you all in
the same state of good health, I want
you to forgive me for not writing sooner
for it was imposible for me to rite the
way we have been drug about. I will
trye and tell you about the [trips?] when
I was examined at Williams port the
Docters Dident more than look at a
man. I don the best I could to git
clear but it was of no use I had
[?????????????????????????????] [1]
In regard to my health but it was of
no account. They wouldent give us a
furlow for one day to go home on Tuesday
night we left Williams port and went
to Harrisburgh the next morning we went
to Carlisle there we lay till on Saturday
from thare we went to Baltimore we laid
till monday morning then too the cars
[page 2]
and went to Harpersfery got on monday
morning thare we lay until thursday evenig
without any tents to cover us from the
weather then we was taking from thare to
Washington city thare we lay two Day then
we was put on the steam Boat and taking [2]
to City Point we was on the Boat two
Days and two nights thare was about six
or seven Hundred of us then we took the
cars and landed within about three miles
of Peters Burgh thare we was without any
thing like stray sheep then we was moved
again we lay about ten or twelve miles
from Petersburgh at the Present. But we
cant tell [any?] thing about where we will
go until the Reightment we have to Join
utill it comes up to us. We are going in
the 93. Pennsylvania Reightment it is on its
way to us but hasent arive yet it is the
Reightment that James Brown and James Reeder
and John Creps is in and a good many others
that I now I have seen Jame Reeder and
abe snider they are now with us. I was close
[page 3]
to Curt [Dehaar?] but havent got to see
him yet, now Deare wife I want you
and the Children to make yourself
youreselves as contented as ever you can
And I will [t?] trye
to do the same one yeare aint as long
to stay as three and if thare is any chance
for me to git leave of the army I am
going to take the first opertunity for I
am sdesfied that I cant stand the
marching my health has been good since
I left But my rupture has hurt me
a goodeal and the other day it come
down on me a good eal, I dont want you
to rite yet as I cant tell you whare to
Direct youre letters to as we aint stationed
yet but just as soon as we git fixt I
will let you now whare to Direct to
and I think that will be in a short
time now nothing more at present
But still remain youre Husband
Wm. Hannon
[page 4]
Tell John I want him to
quit talking about the armey
he is Beter at home on Bread and
water than he would be in the
Armey on the very best, about one
night he would have to lay out
Like last sunday night he would want
home I was just Giting my rations I got
some hardtack coffee shugar and cod
Tell the boys to stay at home and
Sleep in theire warm beads and
have theire mother to wash and
Cook for them
I will Cease now and as soon
as I git settled down I will right

  1. Damaged at fold
  2. taking = taken
December 14, 1864


Co. H, 93rd Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Lycoming County, PA


Name Variant: 
"Wife of William Hannon"
Residence (County): 
Lycoming County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Allyson Page Dale
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
February, 2015

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