Pinegrove Mills July 6th 1863
brother [?bert]
I recieved your letter a few days
ago with the money was glad to get the money
and glad to learn that you were all well and
that you enjoyed life my own health Still
im proving Slowly I am able to go about the house
but cant do hard work but I hope to get well
Soon the children are very well we have
Sent most of our men to the defence of our State
there a few copperheads about yet infact about
all that are here are that Sort with a few
exceptions the rebbeles have been in our State
they fought a battle on lait friday the
report is that the rebbels ware whiped badly
we got a report yesterday that lees army
was Surrounded by our men Smith [1] with
the malitia drove them out of carlisle pa [2]
and medes [3] at gettesburg I think they will never get
back to rebeldom again
with regards to the proposition of blakelys paying
five dollars to make up the exchange I do not know
you might to know best I wrote to Washington [4] about
it I want the matter all honest and fair and nothing more
but I am not posted [5] very much in that line
[Page 2]
I hav written all that is nessary and I may
as well bring my lettr to a close for this
time expecting to hear from you soon
I would like to get all the little things fixt
up as Soon as I can and get what little I have
[??][over?] at home I am very much obligd to
you for the interest you hav taken in my
matters and I hope god may bless you and yours
the future looks dark to and misterious to me but
Dear brother my trust is in god he is my Sheperd
I Shall not want if it ware not for the promises
of his word how could we endure these
trying and perilous times but in god is our
trust as a nation he will never leave us
nor forsake us in the hour of need
well I will close for this time hoping
and praying that god will bless us all and bring us
safely through and give us rest in heaven
give my love and respects to all inquiring friends
the children Send there love to your
family do you ever hear from joseph and where
is he I often think of the poor boy I had
a lette from Washington he stated that he had
a letter from you he was not very well when
he wrote pray for him brother
yours respectfully Sara a Murphy

  1. PA militia under Maj. Gen. Wm. F. Smith
  2. Battle of Carlisle, July 1st 1863
  3. General Meade & Battle of Gettysburg
  4. Sarah’s husband, George Washington Murphy
  5. posted = informed, experienced?
July 6, 1863


Residence (County): 
Centre County, PA


Name Variant: 
Brother of Sarah A. Murphy


From State: 
From Municipality: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis

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