[1] Harpers ferry sept 30 1862
[2] I resived your leter
on the 28th I have been marching
14 day an on the 17th i was in
a figh from 8 in the morning till
six in the evning the reb shells an
bullets was flying over us like
hale we wer in the hotest of the
fight the 124 th turnd abregade
of rebs they came with in 40 yar[d]s
of us before we seen them we opend
out on them an every other reb fell
they did not stop to chaing shot with
us but left the the artilery cut loos
on them an left but a small crowd
of them to go of[f] the field they then
ralied again with three bregaids
again an the artilery with grape an
canister just pild them on heaps
they the[n] gav up taking our batrie
[page 2]
fore a bad job by this time Jackson
with twenty five thousand men
an a artilery force come up this was
about 3 in the afternoon an against
five his artilrie was silansed an
they wer on the retreat they left
behind them thr dead an wonded
in our hands i walke ovr the field
an was helping to carrie of[f] the
wonded i helped carrie severel rebs
that was wonded I talked to several
of the[m] an they say that they are all
tired of the war an wishes it over
Seen a pile of twelve hundred dead
rebs an one pile before the batrie
that this redgment was suporting
the rebs shot railrad iron stakes
horseshoos at us but no injury to us
there shels did not explode at all
an of corse did not damage to us fire
over us higher than the tops of
[page 3]
the tres well the rebs lost about
fore men to our one if you had
been the batle ground it would
opend your eyes fore i sen dead
men dead horses cows hogs dogs
well this is about the discrption of the
field after the batle
Aday or to ago some of the rebs graves
was examond an there was thirty
pieces of artilery got out of them
that they couly take with them
the rebs after they wer shot they
turnd as black as tar in the face
whell this is all at present
rite as son as you get this
if you ca[n] this paper an post stamp
was ve[r]y aceptable for i have not
any of them rite soon an send me
some post stamps fore i cannot
get any here good by
W A Guest

  1. Brother of John Guest referes to either John Guest (b. ca. 1843) or Isaac Guest.
  2. This letter describes the Battle of Antietam and the aftermath
September 30, 1862


Co. F. 124th Pennsylvania Infantry; Battery F, 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
Residence (County): 
Chester County, PA


Co. A, 97th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Chester County, PA


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
August, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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