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in Camp near harpers fer Oct 7. 1862
Dear brother i resieved you letter
on the 16 an was glad to hear from
you I am well at present an hope
these few lines may find you the
same i the paper an pensil on it
came very good just now we have
encamped here an i think we will
be kept here fore a spell an en maby
all winter fore what i no i herd
that you had birred your little
son well dont friet after him fore
he has gon to rest where sicknes sons
sorrow pain nor death will be felt nor
feared no mor so dont fret after him
at all Well i supose Marth has got
her self a man i dont what kind of a
bargan she maid of it fore i dont no the
man she sent me a leter about it
an wanted my opinion about Mother living
with her i dont no what to say about it
but if the rest of you is willing i am
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page 2
but if you aint willing fore her to live with
her [way?] try an rent [???] rent whare shes is
fore another year an i will pay the
rent but if you an the rest of them
is willing fore her to go with marth
i [???] [marth?] [????] [2]
as her [???] table to go to you must tell
pat that an i will her her living
an if Marth gets anyways i large about
this was [???] Mother nead not go if she
dont want to cause i can keep her yet
if she dos go to live with pat She
sell the cow an put the money in
her [own?] pocket fore if marth gets
the cow it will be the loss of her
[page 3]
what it is an if there is [???]
an let me no what it is well this
is i have to say about this but
dont let her be imposed upon if
you no it irwin told me i could
have the house in the spring if
he [stais?] on the place himself & i did not
rent it if Mother dont want to go
an Live with marth [any?] Try an rent
where she is she is not forst to
go well i spup supose their has been
some sticking togother don among
The youngsters an bayonet charging
don among them but i gess there
was no blood on the point of there
bayonets i gess they had not the
skin to brake fore it was all redy
broke an all they had to do was to stick
their bayonet in the woond this is
all at present rite as soon as you get
this letter an let me no about things
Will A Guest

  1. Brother of John Guest referes to either John Guest (b. ca. 1843) or Isaac Guest.
  2. Obscured at fold


Co. F. 124th Pennsylvania Infantry; Battery F, 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
Residence (County): 
Chester County, PA


Co. A, 97th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Chester County, PA


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
August, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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