Union Mills Jan 31st /63
Dear wife I received a letter
last Thursday from Edward and was glad
to hear from home but sorry
to hear that the children
were sick I expect they are
better by this time if it
was so that I would help you
at such times I should be glad to but
you must do the best you
can and it will be all that
can be expected of you
Ed said you had sold the
oxen I am glad you done so
I think it is the best thing
you could do as you was
situated I have been think-
-ing of telling you to have
them sold as they would
be of little service to you
this summer but perhaps
[Page 2]
a great terment to you
you said you would like
two more cows I think if
you take cair of what you
have got it is as much as
you ought to do you know
you will be alone often
Mr. Barney leaves you in
the spring and I would
advise you to take the
world as easy as possible
until I get home Ed wanted
to know what he should do
with the money he got for
the oxen I told him to put
it where it would be safe until
it was wanted as it is not safe
to keep much paper money
on hand very long if you
want it you can draw it at
any time I dont know
as I shall get any pay
[Page 3]
now as pay day has pased
by until in March when
the next pay day comes
I dont know what some
of the boys will do for
pocket money if they have
to wate until then some
of them spend money quite
freely there is one from
our place that had two
dollars sent to him since yo
you sent me that one dollars
that has spent it all and
has drawn one dollar from
the Lieutenant on his pay
and has spent that three
dollars in all while I have
used but thirty cents of mine I dont
use any money for any thing
else but to bey tobacco I
bought half a pound of
cheese yesterday I give 10 cents
for it
[Page 4]
Afternoon I have just
received your letter of the 26th
was glad to hear from home
and also glad that the
children were improving
in health I wrote to Walter
about a week a ago and
have received one from him since
he said he was well at that
time I want you to sell
that new coat of mine to Uncle
Amos if you can it will
be destroyed before I can
wear it I am comfortable
but not very stout yet but
am gaining I dont have to
run quite as often as I did
be careful of your health
and dont worry about me
for I guess I shall get along
some how so good by for
this time Lyman Beebe

January 31, 1863


Co. C, 151st Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Susquehanna County, PA


Residence (County): 
Susquehanna County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
December, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
June, 2013

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