Camp Dec . 29. 18 . 61
Dear wife sisters and
Brothers I now take
the pleasure of wrighting
to let you now that
we are all well hoping
thease few lines will
finde you the same as
thay leave us at present
It is a verey pretey
sabeth day and we
are putting it in well
we are building stables
fore our horses out
of seaders the boys donte
like it verey well we
think we should hav
sunday to our self but
one of our lieutenant
tolde one of the mene we
had now right to think
[page 2]
James arder got his
box day before christamas
thay just com in time
that porte wine was
verey exceptable thay
ware all verey god we
would be verey glad
if chiristmas com everey
weeke everey thing is
we spent christmas
hear prettey well it
was a verey prettey
day the boys enjoyed
it verey well much
better then i expected
thare was a horse race
climing a greceay pole
witche sum thinges
on the top of it to thare
was about five dollers
on top of it
[page 3]
we had christmas to our
self we had quite a time
of it thare was a good
meney men drunk here
I expect you got my
letter wich i wrote
last sunday I directed
I dated it wrong it
should hav bin dated
the 22 I dated it the
21 first in a mistake
we expect to get pade
next week if all be
true whitch we heare
I do not want you
to run your self shorte
of muney I would
rather you would
draw from John Baker
say twenty five dollers
or fiftey if you like
to keep you the winter
[page 4]
the weather is verey
changebale hear sumtimes
warm and sumtimes
bitter colde it frose
ice one inch thck the
weather hear is about
the same as thare
we hav several wimmen
in Camp thay hav all
got orders to leave Camp
for wat reasone we now
not It is reported that
some of the companeys
are going South thare
is so meney camp tales
giv my cap to our
ritcheard fore a new
years gift that one
in the cloaset I
would like to giv you
all a new years gift but
I cant do It
[page 5]
you never tolde me
how your watch kept
time since i last
saw you thay hav
took away a lot of our
bad horses thay took
mine among the rest
I hav non now to call
my own i berow [1]
I am using one its
oner is in the garde
house we are expecting
sum new horses everey
day A happy new
year to you all giv
my best respects to all
the folkes tell them we
are all well
your affectnane Husband
and Brother Wm Band

  1. borrow
December 29, 1861


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


From Note: 
Camp Marcy


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2014

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