Camp Fair oakes June 9

Dear wife
I take this opertunety
of writing a few lines to
you hoping thay will finde
you all well I receved your
kinde letter dated the forth 4
last night and was glad to
hear that all was well at home
you want to know how we
are in this rigment we are
verey purely nearly all the
men are complaning of being
weake some with the direar
some one thing and some another
the most of them complane of
being verey weak no apetite I
hav bin verey purley my self
i feele pretey well now
[page 2]
I hav not bin of dutey the
worst is we hav no apetite
fore this kinde of grub mooving
about from one place to another
the men are verely purley provided
fore nouthing but salt porke salt
beefe and harde crackers and them
mustey harley fit fore men to
eate t he grub is cooked so long
before we git it it is coked
three ore fore days before we
git it then we git three and
fore days rashons at one tim e
I think if Gen Mc Clellan
dos not lok after the tropes
better he will hav a verey
poore armey to march on
richmond he seams to think
of nouthing but richmond
the whole aremy hear are
complaning i hav spoken
to a grate number of infintry
thay say that the men are unwell
[page 3]
we ware enlivned on saturday
night by the cry of paymasters
the bosys ware all on thare
toes to no wather he was come
ore not but it turned out
true he was come it was not
long before the men ware
all fell in line to sine the pay
role we ware not pade till
sunday morning the pay master
commenced brite and earley so
that he got thrue before dinner
time on sunday he seams to
be in a hurrey this time
as he was one day the last time
the men are making thare
muney fly as usel thay pay
aney price fore wat thay want
the sutlers mek thare muney
of[f] the men thay charge thirtey 30
centes a pound fore chese fortey
centes and fiftey centes dozen fore
egges barled [1] half of them bad
[page 4]
I do not wander at men
paying these prises thay cannot
get them aney cheper and thay
must hav sumthing that thay
can eate fore thay are starved out
with guvermint grub the men
is this regment begin to feele
stronger as we are giting our grub
more regler these last few days
we hav bin encaped hear at
fare oake stashen some five days
so that it gives the men a chance
to recrute in helth you say
that i hav not wrote to Heugh
fore some time i hav not if
i do not get more stampes i
will hav to write less to you
that is if i must write to all
of you i will moste likley sende
you ten dollers in this letter and
ten the my next adams express is not
hear i think it will not be hear
your Husband Wm Band
[page 5]
Tuesday June 10 1862
it is a wet drearey morning
you want to know
weather we are in [fortey?]
Division or not i think
we are not we go
ware ever thay chuse
to send us it the captan
says we will leve hear
two day

  1. barled = boiled?
June 9, 1864


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
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November, 2014

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